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Article: 22 Easy Low Carb Snacks

22 Easy Low Carb Snacks - PBCo.

22 Easy Low Carb Snacks

Snacking gets a bit of a bad wrap, especially because we often think of mindless snacking or options that don’t always make up feel great.

A planned snack however, can be a very important part of your diet and health goals!

A healthy low carb snack between meals stops mindless grazing, can decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time. Snacking in a healthy way improves your energy levels, mental clarity and can assist in maintaining your blood sugar levels throughout the day, helping to avoid those between meal slumps.

It’s also handy to gauge how hungry you are in that moment and what is that you really want. Do you just feel like a ‘little something’ or something more substantial to tie you over until your next meal?

Having a list of go-to low carb snacks that give both options is super helpful.

We’ve compiled a list of some sweet and savoury low carb easy snacks that are also fun to enjoy!

Low Carb is different for everyone and we’ve included snacks that vary between super low to lowER - All are under 10g carbs per serve, and most are 5g or less. . You may want to add these to your list, or use this as start of your own.

Note: Any snacks that include veggies we have worked out the suggested portion, however, if you go over or if you are unable to weigh them, don’t stress! Enjoying 1-2 handfuls of veggies as a snack is fine! There s really no need to worry about the carbs in veggies, unless you are following a strict keto plan and aim to stay < 20g carbs.

So here it is: our favourite and easy low carb snacks. All carbs are given per serve.

Easy to make.

Low Carb Snacks - Peanut Butter & Celery

22) 2 Tb Peanut Butter & 100g Celery - 6.8g carbs

We all know celery has basically nothing but water in it, so it's great to crunch on. And if you choose the right peanut butter without added sugar or salt, it's a great treat without going over board. We love Mayver's Peanut Butter!

Vegetable sticks & Dip low carb snacks

21) 1 cup Vegetables & 2 Tb Dip - 3-5g carbs

When it comes to veggie sticks you can't go past carrots, celery, snow peas and capsicum. I mean you can choose your faves. We have compiled a list of the best low carb dips in the supermarket.

Ricotta & Berries - Low carb Snacks

20) 100g Cottage Cheese & 1/2 cup Berries - 6.3g carbs

So delicious. I don't even feel like I have to explain this one. But make sure you check the macros when you pick up the cottage cheese - the low fat ones tend to have higher carbs.
Mixed Nuts - Low Carb Snacks blog

19) 30g Nuts 1 - 4g carbs

Nuts are super nutritious and tasty to eat. It can be easy to over board with these. You could add some sugar free choc chips and make a fun trail mix. Carbs vary in different types, so if you need help choosing some, check out our low carb nuts blog

Strawberries - 22 low carb snack blog

18) 1/2 punnet strawberries - 4.9g carbs

Strawberries are packed full of goodies and a very delicious low carb snack.With their delicious sweet taste you'd think they'd be higher. 1/2 a punnet is approx 125g and a very satisfying snack!

Cucumber slices & cheese in a container

17) 1 medium cucumber & 50 cheese - 1-3g carbs

This is the alternative to cheese and crackers. The cucumber is so refreshing and compliments the cheese perfectly.
Olives in a small plate as a snack

16) 10 large Olives - 1.3g carbs

I LOVE olives, all sorts. They are are one of the best low carb snacks, especially if you prefer savoury snacks. Coming in second are pickles! 😍
Yoghurt pottle - protein rich (Chobani, Yopro)

15) Yoghurt Pot - 5-8g carbs

There are so many brands of yoghurt out there. When it comes to a satisfying snack, you can't go by having one that is protein rich. 2 of the main players in the space are Chobani & Yopro.

When it comes to these, I say pick up your favourite protein rich yoghurt with no added sugar. If you are going for flavoured usually sits at around 7g carbs or less.

Black tea and Coffee - 0g carbs

14) Black Tea or Coffee - 0g carbs

Sometimes you may not be hungry, but just feel like a little something. If having these sans milk isn't your thing, adding a little milk or cream won’t bump up the carbs too much.
Sugar Free Chocolate - well naturally

13) 20g Sugar Free Or Dark Chocolate 1-3g carbs

There are a few brands of SF chocolate that around these days. I love Vitawerx white personally, but there is Well Naturally (found in your supermarket), plus Halo Sugar chocolate and of course you can't go past Lindt Dark. You can find your favourite low carb chocolate here.
Tuna & Cucumber boats - low carb snack

12) Tuna & Veggies - 2-5g carbs

Most plain tuna cans (95g) are super low in carbs and flavoured tuna vary from 3-5g per can. Team this with some veggies or even your favourite low carb cracks. Our fave brand is Olina's seeded range. 📸 Image

Some cooking or baking required.

Boiled egg on plate

11) 2 Boiled Eggs 1.1g carbs

Eggs are actually a really great snack - high in protein and low in carbs they keep you feeling fuller for longer.
Low carb Cookies on a cooling rack

10) Low Carb Cookies 3-6g carbs

We have 2 great mixes for your to make your cookies with. Low Carb Cookie Mix & Protein Cookie Mix. Both are low carb and plant based. Our Protein Cookie Mix has extra protein if you're looking for a low carb snack that goes the distance. Check our low carb cookie recipes here.
Protein toast with peanut butter

9) Protein toast with Peanut Butter 1-3g carbs

1 slice of Protein Toast is just under 1g carbs, has 8g protein 💪🏼 and is the perfect canvas for a quick low carb snack. Simple toppings like peanut butter, butter & vegemite, tomato or cheese.
Protein Muffin showing texture inside

8) Protein Muffins 6-8g carbs

The recipe on the back of pack is super tasty with just 7g carbs! But we have a whole bunch of recipes online or you can create your own.

Spinach & Feta savoury muffins

7) Spinach & Feta Muffins - 1.5g carbs

Another perfect little savoury low carb snack. These Spinach & Feta muffins will definitely take the edge off if you're feeling a little snacky!
Berry Pancake Tray Bake

6) Pancake Tray Bake - 3-5g carbs

We have 2 awesome recipes. Keto Berry Tray Bake & Banana Choc Chip Tray Bake. Both are meal prep friendly & make perfect low carb snacks.
Low carb Chocolate brownie on plate

5) Low Carb Chocolate Brownies - 5.4g

Sometimes you feel like a snack that involves a little chocolate and these low carb brownies would be perfect! We have 3 brownie recipes + a range of other muffins, cupcakes and slices for your to enjoy all approx. 6g or less. Find them here.
Low Carb Vanilla cupcake and passionfruit slice

4) Cupcakes & Slices - 5-8g carbs

When made with our Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix, you can enjoy a cupcake or piece of cake without the sugar and carb overload. Most of our recipes per serve are aprox. 6g per serve.
Low Carb Banana Bread sliced on rack

3) Low Carb Banana Bread - 8g carbs

Protein Banana Bread - 1 fat slice has 7.6g carbs. Wholesome flavour and a great on the go low carb snack
Low Carb Almond Pecan Biscotti

2) Low Carb Almond Pecan Biscotti - 1g carb

Ok, this recipe for low carb almond pecan biscotti has a few extra steps, but its well worth it. 1 batch makes 40 biscuits and they can be frozen :) They are sooo good! 😍

Sugar Free Cinnamon Scrolls

1) Sugar Free Cinnamon Scrolls - 4.4g carbs

We LOVE this recipe for cinnamon scrolls , as is or made into mini scrolls (2.2g carbs) This is a super satisfying low carb snack. Back a batch and have snacks sorted for a week or 2.

Nutrition information and macros:

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