I don’t know about you, but enjoying cheese, crackers and dip on a Friday evening is one of my favourite things in the world. If you have the time to make your dips from scratch, go for it, there are great recipe online.

If not, we’ve popped together a quick list of  20 low carb dips!

Tips for buying dips.

1. Look for dips with 5g carbs per 100g or less.

2. Choose dips that have the most real food ingredients and no added sugar (where possible)

Note: As they are ready made, most dips have some sorts of preservatives and stabilisers in them.

Our criteria: Less than 5g carbs per 100g

Updated December 2019

In this Supermarket Review, we compare:

Deli Originals - Persian Feta Style0.96.535.7Aldi
Deli Originals Spinach Dip2.51.844.9Aldi
Deli Originals Eggplant Dip2.91.415.2Aldi
Plant Nation Food Co Chargrilled Egg plant4.71.414.3Coles
Plant Nation Food Co Roasted Artichoke.
Yumi's Tahini1.910.132.1Coles
Yumi's Avocado and Sea salt1.41.654.2Coles/ Woolworths
Black Swan Roasted Capsicum3.74.720.7Coles
Dari's Table Olive Hummus4.05.322.8Coles
Pilpel Eggplant Hummus51.42Coles/ Woolworths
Black Swan Persian Feta1.86.535.7Coles/ Woolworths
Black Swam Spinach & Feta3.78.036.1Coles/ Woolworths
Yumi's Baked Eggplant3.11.415.2Coles/ Woolworths
Yumi's Kalamata Olives1.61.844Coles/ Woolworths
Yumi's Green Olive Dip0.91.247.2Coles/ Woolworths
Mediterranean Delite Garlic Dip3.23.610.7Woolworths
Mediterranean Delite Babaganoushe3.23.610.7Woolworths
Organic Indulgence Tzatziki Dip4.54.33.1Woolworths
Peckish Light & Airy Cheddar and Parmesan4.36.522.9Woolworths
Chris' Spring Onion3.1521.7Woolworths

Our Top Pick!

Deli Originals Persian Feta


Ingredients: Neufchatel Cheese, starter culture, salt, stabilser, vegetable oil, feta cheese, Vinegar, lemon juice, preservatives 223, Garlic, salt, Herbs, Spices and natural flavours, 202, 211 (preservatives)

Carbs per 100g: 0.9g

Comments: Super low in carbs. Super tasty!

Deli Originals Spinach Dip


Ingredients:Spinach 44%, Vegetable Oil, Eggs, water, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Acidity regulators, Thickener, Mustard Flour and Preservatives 202, 211

Carbs per 100g: 2.5g

Comments: Contains Egg.

Deli Originals Eggplant Dip


Ingredients: Baked Eggplant 77%, Vegetable Oil, Water, egg, salt, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Acidity regulator, sugar, parsley, Pepper, (202) Mustard Flour

Carbs per 100g: 2.9g

Comments: Contains Egg.

Plant Nation Food Co. Chargrilled Eggplant Dip


Ingredients: Eggplant (45%) Vegetable oil, white beans, sundried tomato, acidity regulator 330,300 vinegar, white vinegar, roasted capsicums, lemon juice, salt, chives, garlic, herbs, spices and preservatives.

Carbs per 100g: 2.9g

Comments: Egg free.

Plant Nation Food Co. Roasted Artichoke


Ingredients: Roasted artichoke (33%) vegetable oil, butter beans, vinegar, kale (5%), lemon juice 4%, preservatives 223, salt, chives, garlic, herbs and spices, preservatives 202, 211)

Carbs per 100g: 1.1g

Comments: Egg Free.


Yumi’s Traditional Tahini


Ingredients:Tahini Paste(49%) (from Sesame Seeds), Water, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Garlic, Honey, Food Acids (Acetic Acid, Citric Acid), Salt, Paprika, Preservative (202), Parsley Flakes.

Carbs per 100g: 1.9g

Yumi’s Classic Range – Avocado and Sea salt


Ingredients: Canola oil, Avocado 36%, Eggs, sugar, Lime juice, salt, garlic, food acid, Vegetable Gum, Mustard Powder, colour and Preservatives

Carbs per 100g: 1.4g

Comments: Found in Coles and Woolworths. There were a few brands that have Avocado dip in their range, however this had the higher % of it. You could probaby make your own version with far less 🙂

Black Swan Roasted Capsicum


Ingredients: Cream Cheese, starter culture, salt, stabilisers, red capsicum 11%, chargrilled capsicum 6%, vegetable oil, garlic pure, Thickeners, salt, vinegar,spices, acidity regulators, firming agents

Carbs per 100g: 3.7g

Comments: Found in Coles

Need some Low Carb Crackers to go with your dips???

Check out our 2 favourite recipes!

Dari’s Table Olive Hummus


Ingredients: Cooked chickpeas (44%) Olives (28%) (olives, water, salt, preservatives, sunflower oil, tahini, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt, bell peppers, preservatives and parsley

Carbs per 100g: 4.0g

Comments: Found in Coles.

Pilpel Eggplant Hummus


Ingredients:Eggplant (66%), chickpeas (17%), sesame paste (8.2%), water, extra virgin olive oil, acidity regulator (citric acid), salt, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Carbs per 100g: 5g

Comments: 90% real ingredients. I like this brand 🙂 This tastes more like eggplant dip than a hummous. Pilpel have a great range of other flavoured dips, you can check them out here

Black Swan Persian Feta 


Ingredients: Cream cheese, vegetable oil, feta cheese, vinegar, acidity regulator 270, vegetable oil, lemon juice,223, garlic, salt, stabiliser, herb, spices, flavour preservatives 202, 211

Carbs per 100g: 1.8g

Comments: This is also yummy spread on Protein toast 🙂

Black Swan Spinach and Feta


Ingredients: Cream Cheese (Milk, Cream, Salt, Stabilisers (410, 412), Starter Culture), Vegetable Oil, Fetta Cheese 24% (Milk, Salt, Starter Cultures, Animal Rennet), Baby Spinach 10%, Onion, Garlic Puree, Sugar, Vinegar, Chilli, Emulsifier (451), Flavour, Acidity Regulators (270, 260), Thickener (415), Preservatives (211, 202), Colour (141).

Carbs per 100g: 3.7g

Yumi’s Mediterranean Baked Eggplant


Ingredients:Baked Eggplant (77%), Canola Oil, Egg, Salt, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Sugar, Parsley, Food Acid (Acetic Acid), Pepper, Preservative (202), Mustard Flour.

Carbs per 100g: 3.1g

Comments: Even though this has sugar, its still a short ingredient list 🙂

Yumi’s Green Olive Dip


Ingredients: Green Olives (50%) (Olives, Water, Salt, Food Acids (Citric Acid, Acetic Acid Or Lactic Acid), Spices), Canola Oil, Egg, Sugar, Salt, Food Acid (Acetic Acid), Mustard Flour.

Carbs per 100g: 0.9g

Comments: Found in Coles

Yumi’s Kalamata Olives Dip


Ingredients:Olives (51%) (Kalamata Olives (30%)(Kalamata Olives, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Oil)Green Olives (21%)(Olives, Water, Salt, Food Acids (Acetic Acid, Citric Acid), Spices)), Canola Oil, Egg, Water, Sugar, Salt, Food Acid (Acetic Acid), Mustard Flour.

Carbs per 100g: 1.6g

Comments: Found in Coles

Mediterranean Delite Garlic Dip


Ingredients: Sunflower oil 60%, Garlic, 40% saly and acidity regulator

Carbs per 100g: 2.6g

Comments: You really only need a little of this. strong taste, as you would expect.

Mediterranean Delite Babaganoushe


Ingredients: Eggplant 66%, Tahini, garlic, sunflower oil, salt, acidity regulator, citric acid, 202

Carbs per 100g: 3.2g

Comments: Found in selected Woolworths

Organic Indulgence Tzatziki Dip


Ingredients:Certified Organic Yoghurt, Certified Organic Cucumber, Garlic, Herbs, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Citric Acid, Spices, Calcium Carbonate, Xanthum Gum. May contain traces of nuts.

Carbs per 100g: 4.5g

Comments: Found in selected Woolworths. One of the only tzatziki dips under 5g of carbs. Making your own with good quality greek yoghurt would be super easy and better for you!

Peckish Cheddar and Parmesan


Ingredients:Cream Cheese (Milk, Cream, Salt, Stabiliser (410, 412), Culture), Water, Vegetable Oil, Onion, Vintage Cheddar Cheese 1.5% (from Milk), Parmesan Cheese 1.5% (from Milk), Whey Protein Concentrate (from Milk), Natural Corn Starch, Mustard, Acidity Regulators (270, 260), Sugar, Yeast Extract, Salt, Thickener (415), Natural Flavour, Spice, Preservatives (211, 202).

Carbs per 100g: 4.3g

Comments: Found in Woolworths. This brand also has a sour cream and chives flavour. 3.9g carbs per 100g

Chris’ Spring Onion.


Ingredients:Cream Cheese [Milk, Cream, Milk Solids Non-Fat, Salt, Vegetable Gum (410), Food Acid (270), Starter Culture], Spring Onion (5%), Mayonnaise [Thickener (1442), Vegetable Gum (415), Egg, Preservatives (202, 211)], Canola Oil, Garlic Paste, Onion, Preservatives (202, 211), Salt, Food Acid (330)

Carbs per 100g 3.1g


This time around, I picked a selection from each brand and supermarket  in a variety of flavours. Flavours varied from store to store. e.g Woolworths in Marrickville had other flavours that Leichhardt Woolies didnt have.

*Please note information was accurate at the time of collecting.  If changes are made to the brand (packaging or nutrition) within our updates, please refer to their website. Changes may occur regarding their availability, please check with your local supermarket for more info.

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