Snacking is a common issue many people have when trying to lose weight or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s far too easy to grab that piece of chocolate your colleague offers you, or to snack when you get home from work before dinner.

The best way to avoid these issues is to work on your self-control muscle. The second best is to plan your snacks well, and make sure you don’t eat anything else – hard I know, but if you’re serious about low carb living you just got to get used to it!

So here it is: our favourite and easy low carb snacks. All carbs are given per 100g.

Raw Snacks


22) Veggie Sticks & Avocado – 10.3g carbs

I find veggie sticks oddly satisfying. I love having carrot, cucumber and capsicum together.

And if you grab an avocado and just scoop it right out of the skin with the veggies, you have a super quick and easy low carb snack.


21) Celery & Peanut Butter – 8.2g carbs

We all know celery has basically nothing but water in it, so it’s great to crunch on.

And if you choose the right peanut butter without added sugar or salt, it’s a great treat without going over board.


20) Veggies & Hommus – 7.4g carbs

You don’t want to overdo the hommus as the carb content can be a bit high, but making it yourself is a great way to add a bit of flavour to your veggie snack.


19) Cottage Cheese & Berries – 6.3g carbs

So delicious. I don’t even feel like I have to explain this one.

But make sure you check the macros when you pick up the cottage cheese – the low fat ones tend to have higher carbs.


18) Almonds – 4.8g carbs

Almonds are a great nut to munch on – only 4.8g carbs per 100g and they have a lower fat content than a lot of other nuts too.

Easy peasy to chuck some in a container.

Just be careful not to over munch on them though, you don’t want to over do the fat intake.


17) Strawberries – 3.9g carbs

I was surprised when I learnt that strawbs are actually a lower carb fruit. With their delicious sweet taste you’d think they’d have more.

But with only 3.9g carbs per 100g, they’re a great choice of fruit to snack on.


16) Cucumber & Cheese – 1.0g carbs

This is the alternative to cheese and crackers.

The cucumber is so refreshing and compliments the cheese perfectly.


15) Olives – 0.4g carbs

I’m not a huge fan of olives, but they can be great to snack on with such a low natural carb content.

They are covered in oil though, so I wouldn’t over do it.


14) Seaweed – 0.1g carbs

We found out that seaweed is the lowest carb veggie out there, and you can munch on pre-packed and dried seaweed as a great source of vitamins and minerals with very little carbs.

You can find these in most Asian food sections in supermarkets, or in your local Asian food grocer.


Easy Snacks


13) Date & Walnut Loaf – 22.3g carbs (15.2g per serve)

This does have a slightly higher carb content, but it’s a great clean, no-added sugar alternative to banana bread.

So if you’re looking for a treat for morning tea without going over board, this is perfect.

Make it yourself or find a stockist.


12) Yogurt – 4.2g carbs

You need to make sure you choose the right yogurt, as many have added sugar.

Have a look at what Anna has to say about yogurt – her favourite is Chobani with no added sugar and a great taste.

Easy to grab a small bowl or individual container to get you through the afternoon.


11) Avocado & Tomato on Protein Bread – 2.0g carbs

If you need something a bit more filling, go for avocado and tomato on Protein Bread.

All those good fats in the avocado and the protein in the bread will keep you full for ages.


10) Protein Bread with Cheese – 2g carbs

With only 1.5g per serving (2 slices of bread!) Protein Bread is always going to be a great low carb choice.

Adding some cheese on will add some fat to make you feel a bit fuller, and calcium which is always good!


9) Tuna & Sweet Chilli Melt – 1.5g carbs

Spread some tuna over Protein Bread, drizzle with sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese, and chuck it under the griller.

A bit more filling, but something to get you through an afternoon if you’re having to work a bit late.


8) Hard Boiled Eggs – 1.1g carbs

Are actually a really great snack – high in protein and low in carbs they keep you feeling fuller for longer.





7) Smoothies – depends what you add!

I love a good smoothie for morning tea after a productive morning – especially when you pack it full of good things.

Remember to avoid adding too much yogurt, and try using lower carb fruits, veggies and berries.


6) Long Black – 0.2g carbs

A long black is the best coffee to choose when following a low carb lifestyle.

Without the milk it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, and it doesn’t add more unnecessary carbs to your day.


5) Herbal Tea – 0g carbs

Herbal teas are great – they have such wonderful benefits like better skin, stopping nausea or bloating, helping you sleep and so much more.

It’s like a snack replacement if you really need something, but probably shouldn’t be eating anything at that time of day.

Also a great way to sneak more water into your day!


Baked Snacks


4) Apple Tea Cake – 6.2g carbs

What could be a better snack than cake?? Made using our Protein Pancake Mix this cake only has 5.7g carbs per serve, and is absolutely divine.

You can thank me later.


3) Protein Bars – between 2.8g and 9.9g carbs

We have a few great protein bar recipes that you can make with our Protein Pancake Mix!

Apple & Cinnamon Breakfast Bar

Dark Chocolate & Walnut Bar

Cranberry & Pistachio Bars



2) Biscuits – between 1.5g – 13.7g carbs

Most biscuits do have a ton of carbs and sugar in them – but our Protein Pancake Mix is great for making low carb and delicious biccys.

Have a look at some of the super tasty recipes:

Rosemary & Parmesan Shortbread

Anzac Biscuits

Choc-Chip Shortbread

Or use the vanilla biscuit recipe as a base and add your favourite flavours!


1) 2 Minute Porridge – 1.7g carbs

Porridge doesn’t just have to be for breakfast.

On a cold Winter day it also makes a great morning tea.

This recipe just takes 2 minutes and has super low carbs.

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