We often get asked what ingredients we use in our products including Golden Flaxmeal and where it comes from. So we thought we would bring you along for the ride behind our decision making of what ingredients we use, where it is sourced from and why we only source ingredients we would eat ourselves.

Our Protein Bread is a High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free Bread is made from natural ingredients with over 94% of ingredients sourced from Australia (unfortunately they don’t make vegetarian proteins in Australia).

One of our major ingredients in Protein Bread is Golden Flaxmeal, sourced directly from farmers in south-west Victoria, Australia. The benefits of golden flaxseeds are that they are a natural plant based source of protein, fibre and omega 3 & 6 fats, which aid in healthy digestion, blood sugar control and weight management. To preserve the nutritional benefits of the flaxseed, our Golden Flaxmeal is cold pressed and processed at low temperatures.

Small pile of Golden FlaxmealFor those that love understanding macro’s, Golden Flaxmeal is 37% protein, 5% carbs and 14% fats.

We chose Australian Golden Flaxmeal for our Protein Bread for the following reasons:

  • Australian Golden Flaxmeal comes from golden flaxseeds which are are grown without any chemicals including pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers.
  • Australian Golden Flaxmeal is processed at low temperatures, allowing for the preservation of good omega 3 & 6 fats within the flaxmeal. This is unlike milled linseed where the processing can lead to the removal of these healthy fats.
  • Australian Golden Flaxmeal allows the body to easily absorb the nutritional benefits of the flaxseeds.
  • Australian Golden Flaxmeal is all natural and GMO free
  • Australian Golden Flaxmeal supports Australian farmers

Let us know what you think about 100% Australian Golden Flaxmeal in our Protein Bread and watch out for our Australian Ingredient Series.