Low Carb Bread

Enjoy the convenience of bread without the unnecessary carbs — all thanks to PBCo.'s ultimate range of natural low carb bread. Each low carb bread is keto friendly, uses natural Australian ingredients, is gluten free, soy free, and has a delicious wholesome taste.

4 Reasons people love our low carb bread...

  • Fast & Easy to make. From pack to oven in less than 5 minutes, just add eggs and water!
  • Gluten and Soy Free. No bloating that you typically get from other low carb breads.
  • Stay full for longer and prevent the snack attacks! Our unique blends of healthy fats, protein and fibre will power you through the morning.
  • Fridge and Freezer Friendly. Always have a fast and easy low carb breakfast waiting for you on those busy mornings, or those mornings that you’re craving peanut butter toast with your coffee!

  • Low Carb Protein Bread Mix

    Protein Bread Mix – Original

    AUD$ 14.00

    $ 14.00

  • Low Carb Bread - 6 Seeds

    Protein Bread Mix – 6 Seeds

    AUD$ 14.00

    $ 14.00

  • Low Carb Bread Mix

    Low Carb Sunflower & Linseed Bread Mix

    AUD$ 9.95

    $ 9.95


6 Seeds Protein Bread

This is a firm favourite in the office! Packed full of 6 different seeds and wholesome goodness, this super low carb bread is a nutrition powerhouse. It’s a denser European style bread, so if you’re after a soft white fluffy loaf this is not for you. Perfect as a sandwich or toasted. Each loaf makes 20 slices and each serve of 2 slices contains a whopping 17g of protein and 30% of your daily fibre requirement, making it the absolute ideal, low carb and keto friendly breakfast. Not to mention made with over 80% Australian ingredients!

Original Protein Bread

This was our very first product back in 2012 and how where business was born! If you’re interested you can read more about our story! Protein Bread is a special blend of nut meals, lupin flour and Australian whey protein to create this wholesome and filling loaf. Each loaf makes 20 slices, and each serve of 2 slices gets you a whopping 17g of protein. The perfect blend of protein, fibre and healthy fats mean you stay full for longer. It has a sprinkling of linseeds throughout. It is a denser, European style bread so if you’re after soft white fluffy bread this is not for you.

Sunflower & Linseed Low Carb Bread

The most recent addition to our low carb bread range, we added this product because not everyone wants the added protein in our 2 Protein Breads above. Still a good source of protein at 11g per serve (2 slices), this is our softest bread, but still has a delicious crust. Packed full of Australian sunflower and linseeds we love this bread as a salad sandwich or toasted with your fave toast toppings! Unlike our 2 Protein Breads - this low carb bread is also dairy free!

Low Carb Bread Quick Reference Table

6 Seeds
Protein Bread
Protein Bread
Sunflower & Linseed
Low Carb Bread
Gluten FreeYYY
Soy FreeYYY
Dairy FreeY
Protein / Serve17g18g11.8g
Total Carbs / Serve2.5g2.2g7.6g
Fibre / Serve8.0g7.7g7.8g
Seed LevelHighLowHigh
Sandwich suitableYY
Toast suitableYYY

How to make Low Carb Bread…

All our 3 Low Carb Breads follow the same, simple baking process! You just need to add a few eggs (not 6 like many other low carb bread recipes we’ve seen 😳 ) and some water. Add the low carb bread mix and stir to combine. Pour into a lined loaf tin, sprinkle with your favourite seeds and pop in the oven. 60 minutes later you’ll have a delicious loaf of freshly baked low carb bread! It’s as easy as that.

How to store your Low Carb Bread…

Depending on how much bread you will go through, most people pre slice the loaf and then freeze in sandwich bags, ready to pull out a few slices as you need. If you eat a lot of bread and will go through the loaf in less than a week, you can keep it in the fridge.

Because we use no preservatives and contain no added sugar (which often acts as a natural preservative) all our low carb breads must be stored in the fridge and freezer. It’s totally fine to keep your sandwich out of the fridge for the day, but please refrigerate your loaf.

Not just Bread! Low Carb Bagels, Low Carb Fruit Loaf, Low Carb Dinner Rolls, Low Carb Cheesy Scrolls!!!.....

Our Low Carb Bread Mixes are so versatile that you are not limited to just making bread! We have many easy recipes for all the delicious baked goods above, you can filter our recipe page per product for easy access. One Mix - endless possibilities!!!

We’re Here for You…

If you have any questions regarding Low Carb Breads and how to include them in your diet – or about any of PBCo’s other products or ingredients. Simply contact us via our online form, call us on 02 9558 3300, or email us at hello@lovepbco.com, and we’ll be in touch.

We look forward to supporting you on your health journey.

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