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Low Carb Cookie Mix - 320g

  • $9.95

Enjoy home baked, low carb & gluten free cookies. Always have healthy, keto friendly snacks on hand. Natural ingredients so you can feel your best.

Perfect for a fast brekkie on the go, or as a treat with your afternoon coffee. You can now stick to your healthy eating plan whilst enjoying cookies. Easy to make and so versatile, you can add your favourite nuts, fruits, chocolate or coconut to make your own healthy cookies. Packed with natural ingredients, healthy fats and fibre to keep you full for longer. Kick unhealthy snacking to the curb!!

  • 4g carb / serve
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Low Carb
  • Keto Friendly
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Sweetened
    1 pack makes 20 cookies

    Quality Natural Ingredients

    Low carb flour blend (rice, lupin, coconut), erythritol, almond meal, kibbled sunflower, bi carb soda, natural flavour, vanilla bean powder, cinnamon, salt, monk fruit.

    CONTAINS LUPIN AND ALMOND. May contain milk, egg and sesame.

    Made with love in Sydney, Australia

    To make 20 Choc Coconut Low Carb Cookies, you will need:

    Contents of this pack

    1/2 cup warm water

    50g shaved coconut

    100g PBCo. Sugar Free Choc Chips

    120g butter/ coconut oil, melted

    PREPARE – Preheat a fan-forced oven to 160°C and line a flat tray with baking paper.

    MIX – Combine all dry ingredients into a large bowl. Add melted butter and warm water. Work with the back of a spoon to combine. Mix will be crumbly but hold together when rolled into a ball.

    ROLL – Take a heaped teaspoon of mix, and using your hands roll into a ball, then flatten and shape the edges. Place on baking tray. Repeat process for all remaining cookies.

    BAKE – Place cookies in preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and transfer cookies to a cooling rack.

    STORAGE – Cookies must be stored in the fridge (1-4°C ) for up to 5 days, or freezer (-18°C ) for up to 3 months.

    Are low carb cookies a good snack option for Diabetics?

    They have no added sugar, are naturally sweetened and are low in carbs, making them the ideal diabetic snack These products are also the perfect option for anyone who is trying to limit or reduce their sugar or carbs, or for those managing their blood sugars.

    What sweeteners do you use in your low carb cookies?

    Our low carb cookies are sweetened with Monk Fruit. We like to think of Monk Fruit as the new stevia!

    It is a natural super intense sweetener, with a delightful caramel honey taste.

    Monk fruit sweetener is derived from a small green melon native to southern China, once it has been dried. The extract is about 200 times sweeter than sugar, has zero calories and carbs, and doesn’t raise blood glucose levels.

    Are low carb cookies the same as keto cookies?

    A keto diet is usually 20-30g carbs or less, but this does depend on the individual. Getting into nutritional ketosis can vary from person to person, and some people can tolerate more carbs than others, plus it depends on what your goals are, as well as your current weight & activity level. Our low carb cookies average around 5g total carbs per serve, which would make them keto cookies, you can make them even lower in carbs depending on the additions you use.

    What ingredients are in Keto cookies?

    Our low carb keto cookie base mixes are packed with natural, low carb ingredients that have been perfectly blended so you don’t have to spend time measuring out each ingredient.

    We use quality natural ingredients such as lupin, almond meal and coconut flours, sunflower, cinnamon etc. You can view the ingredients of each low carb cookie mix on the following page. Protein Cookie Mix or Low Carb Cookie Mix

    Can your low carb cookie mix be used in other recipes?

    Yes! Either of the low carb cookie mixes can be used as a base in your favourite low carb cheesecakes and tarts. You can also make low carb cookie bars - save time rolling and make a cookie slab you can cut into portions. Even delicious low carb Christmas cookies. Find some of our great low carb cookie recipes here.

    Why do we use almond meal in low carb cookies?

    Almond flour and meal, both have approximately 90% less carbs than traditional wheat or gluten-free flours and half the carbs of coconut flour, making them perfect for low carb, keto and gluten-free baking.

    What will happen to the carbs if I add sugar free chocolate chips to my low carb cookie?

    If you add 50g (⅓ a cup) of our sugar free choc chips to your low carb cookie mix, you are only adding 1g of carbs to the whole recipe. This means the only thing you are really adding to your low carb cookies is extra deliciousness!

    Can you substitute the butter when cooking low carb cookies?

    Yes, you sure can! You can substitute the butter for coconut oil (this will make a vegan-friendly low carb cookie) Note: when using coconut oil, it will add a slight coconut flavour to your cookies and we recommend letting your cookies come to room temperature before enjoying!

    What is the difference between a low carb cookie and a regular cookie?

    Regular cookies, whilst they might be tasty and ok to have every now and then, they also come with extra sugar and carbs that you don’t need. Especially if you are trying to reduce or cut sugar from your diet. That said, life is too short to go without your favourite things, and we believe that by swapping to a better option, you are more likely to stick to your healthy lifestyle and not feel like you are missing out. Our low carb cookies are also great for kids, say good-bye to sugar highs! By swapping to a low carb cookie you can eat cookies & feel great!

    Can I make my own recipe for Low Carb Cookies?

    Yes, you make your own low carb cookies using our low carb cookie mix. We have a great recipe on the back of each pack, but that’s just to get you started. We also have a number of great low carb cookie recipes that you can find online.

    The beauty of our protein and low carb cookie mix is that you can create your favourite cookies, simply by adding whatever you like into the mix… nuts, seeds, coconut, granola, dried fruit, mini M&M’s, sugar-free choc chips, peanut butter…the flavour combos are endless!