Wondering how to start low carb living? The tips below are to help make the transition super simple. Regardless of your reason, these EASY steps will help you get started.

Before we dive into the how to let’s look at WHAT IS A Low Carb way of eating. 

In simple terms, Low Carb is a way of eating where the individual will take in anywhere between 20g – 150g carbs per day, and slightly higher in healthy fats and protein.

Reducing foods like most breads, pasta, rice, most fruit and high sugar processed foods and replacing these with ‘real food’ vegetables, nuts, natural fats, seeds, protein, some dairy.

🍗 🥒Eat Mostly 🍳 🍅 – Lots of Vegetables (except the starchy kind), Some fruit (like berries, apricots), Protein (Meats, Chicken, eggs, Fish) Vegetarian protein like Tofu, legumes and cheese, Some Dairy, Nuts, Seeds, and Natural Fats.

 ❌Avoid – Anything containing sugar, or added sugar, highly processed sugar products and packaged foods.

Here are some tips to help make things a lot easier when making the switch!

Know your why.

What is the reason why you are following a low carb diet? Medical reasons, weight loss, choice, convenience, or something else? This will help you stay motivated when you are faced with something that challenges you, especially if this is something very new to you.  If it is medical, it always helps to investigate why your healthcare professional chose this as an option for you. Check out related science-based articles. Reach out to support groups that will also help you stay motivated.

Kitchen clear out!

It has to be done! Not everyone’s favourite part of the process, and whilst we don’t encourage food waste at all, pass any foods that no longer suit your lifestyle to others that may enjoy it. Your neighbours, colleagues at work, friends or family members might not mind if you’re offloading some biscuits or crackers.

Creating your Low Carb Swaps List

What low carb alternatives are you going to use to replace your carbs? What are you going to have to replace cereal, bread, cakes, rice, pasta, etc? Once you have your substitutes, the transition becomes so much easier. For example, make a batch of Low Carb Granola to replace cereal and a loaf of Low Carb Bread for your toast and sandwiches. 

Here are some Everyday Low Carb Swaps

CarbsLow Carb 'swaps'
PastaZoodles, Veggie Noodles or Slendier Noodle and Pasta range.
Mashed PotatoCauliflower Mash "No-tatoes"
BreadOur Low Carb Bread Mix (which can also be made into rolls, focaccia, etc.) Or check out our Best Low Carb Bread in Australia blog
Muffins, Cakes and SlicesOur Low Carb Cupcake Mixes as the base, or our Recipes
RiceCauli-rice, Slendier rice or Lupin flakes.
Pancakes and WafflesOur Low Carb Pancake Mix (which also works for fritters and savoury cookies)
CrackersOur Sandwich thins recipe, Carmen’s seeded crackers or Anna’s seeded crackers recipe
Cereal or PorridgeOur Low Carb Granola recipe or Anna’s Porridge recipe
Biscuits and barsOur Low Carb Cookie Mix and recipes
SugarStevia, Erythritol, Xylitol or another sweetener of choice
BreadcrumbsLow Carb Crumb Mix, Lupin flakes, almond meal or our bread mix

Start with 1-2 from your list, and work your way through.

Find low carb recipes that you like, and that are easy to prepare.

Check out our Recipes and download our e-book 5 Steps to Low Carb Cooking and save your favourite recipes. When you need some inspiration, you’ll have some recipe ideas ready to go. Check out our healthy baking ranges for your baking bases and needs. There are also many low carb recipes online.

Start SLOW

Going from a very high carb diet to a low carb diet is not an overnight process. Low Carb means different things to different people. You pick what suits your energy needs. I think it is important to look at what you are currently eating, and find simple things to change. E.g. Cereal for breakfast with milk, switch to 1 piece of toast and 2 eggs. This will drop the carbs by approx 15g or so. Switch the sugar for stevia in your coffee drops another 5g. Little lifestyle tweaks. If it is doable NOW it will be liveable later. 

Writing your shopping list

Stocking your kitchen correctly is super important. You may choose to download our Low Carb Food List e-Book and create the list based on each category. Be sure to check out our Supermarket Reviews for extra product ideas.

Do you need to meal prep?

Check your containers and make sure you have the right sizes. Or perhaps you want to cook in bulk. Click here for more Meal Prep Tips. You might also find some extra tips for kitchen prep here.

Have confidence in yourself.

Take advantage of FREE resources online, online support groups and anything that motivates and empowers you.

They say that it takes 21 days for new habits to form. I believe that whilst 21 days is a good start, it’s within 1-3 months where people can really start to ‘live’ the changes. Everyone’s starting point and journeys are unique, and it’s important not to compare yourself to others, just trust the process.

We understand that Low Carb means something different to everyone.

Some people may be trying to achieve less than 20g carbs per day, and be more focused on Keto, and some others may simply be trying to reduce the amount of sugar and carbs in their diet. We have a zero judgement policy, meaning that we respect that everyone is different, has a different lifestyle and different goals. If you are striving to reduce the carbs in your diet, by however much, we are here to help & support you 🙂

Don’t forget you can always reach out to us for support if you have any questions, and share your journey with us! 😁 at hello@lovepbco.com

For more great Low Carb living tips, tricks and ideas click here

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Joanne Salerno
Jo struggled with obesity as a teenager. She decided that she needed to take control of her health, and embarked on a 3.5-year journey to lose 56kg’s and get healthy, This involved a combination of cutting out a lot of unhealthy foods, reducing carbs and exercising. Educating herself on the value of nutrient-rich foods was a key factor. Throughout this, Jo became passionate about helping as many people feel as good as they can, so they could enjoy life with those that they love. Joanne started with the business in Customer Service, and due to her passion for Low Carb as well as experience as a Weight Loss Coach – quickly progressed and was promoted to Community Manager.

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