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Article: The Low Carb Newsletter - October

The Low Carb Newsletter - October - PBCo.

The Low Carb Newsletter - October

Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter!

Well - I'm not sure how this happened - but we have 3 months left of 2019!!!

The good news is that a lot can happen in 3 months.

3 months is the perfect amount of time to make some little changes that can really make a big difference. Imagine ending the year stronger, fitter, slimmer or more energetic than you are now.

It's totally possible. Why not write a list of a few things you want to change/focus on, so come Christmas time, you'll have that extra little bit of satisfaction about the year that was, because you're feeling so great.

"If you want to feel better about your body, feel better about the way you treat your body"

We hope you enjoy this months edition!

Have a great October :)


This month's features

5 Seasonal low carb fruit/veggies that you SHOULD include in your grocery shop.

Each month we will feature what low carb fruit and vegetables are in season.

  • Broad Beans - also known as Fava beans are an excellent source of protein and fibre. They have a slightly sweet and buttery taste. Common in Meditteranean cooking. Cook them up and use them as dips or spread on low carb toast, or throw into your salads. For more great recipes featuring this bean, click here
  • Strawberries a popular low carb fruit option. 1 punnet has under 10g carbs. 👍 Great in smoothies, baking and salads. Packed full of Vitamin C and are a great low-calorie food. Click here for some sweet or savoury ideas using this fruit.
  • Cucumbers are SUPER low in calories and carbs and are high in water, so a great hydrating food. Can be used in most salads or you can snack on them on their own (add a touch of salt and pepper) 😋 Keep the skin on for extra fibre.
  • Avocado MOST low carb eaters are familiar with the avo. These are another nutritional powerhouse. Rich in B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Folate and Potassium (great for lowering BP). A healthy source of heart-healthy mono-saturated fats and fibre. Not sure what else to do with avo besides spreading it on toast, or guac? Click here for more great avo recipes.
  • Mushrooms "Meat for vegetarians" - Does anyone else remember this ad on TV? Mushies are a great source of plant-protein that's why. They are also high in fibre and B vitamins. You can add these babies into omelettes, salads, pasta sauces or simply sautee them in a touch of butter and herbs, they are beautiful and earthy flavoured and super low in calories and carbs! Mushroom come in many varieties, find out how many here.

Top 5 didn't grab you?

Click here for the FULL list of What's in season in October

All figures are carbs per 100g.


Supermarket Product of the Month

Woolworths - Jamie Oliver Mexican Beef Burgers

This is not a NEW product, but it is a product that I recently got back into. I grabbed a pack one Friday night and a salad mix for an EASY fuss-free Friday night in for Naked Burgers! 😋 Only 3.9g carbs per serve! Whilst I know you can make burger patties yourself and can buy ones that are cheaper, these have such a GREAT Mexican flavour so they are burgers with a twist!

The Jamie Oliver range is only found at Woolworths and there are a few full-flavoured low carb options (meatballs, marinated chicken, stir through sauces, even a lowER carb crumbed chicken approx 9g carbs per serve etc) in his range that you simply add your favourite cooked or salad veggies for a complete meal.

You can view his range by searching the Woolworths online store with 'Jamie Oliver'

Low Carb Living Tip

Inspired by Buddha Bowls (yep, I'm a floor-sitter) Dressing was a combo of apple cider and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Getting back on track with your low carb plan.

It is totally fine to eat a little differently to your regular low carb plan when away on holiday or short break. Whilst you can't go crazy on every single meal, you do have more wiggle room than you think.

During my short trip, I said YES to every single bread basket - which during the last week, was every day, as well as the odd dessert and a croissant everyday. I didn’t beat myself up and I had a great time. It’s one week out of a year where I had some fun with food. You also find that you snack less and walk a lot more on holiday.

That said, as I got home I got back on track. As soon as I landed (and slept) I woke up and wrote out my shopping list - LOTS of veggies (mostly salad veggies) protein, nuts, some fruit and baked myself a loaf of protein bread for my week ahead.

  • Look up different ways to use your low carb foods. Especially after a holiday, you might feel a little bored with your everyday foods, so look up some ways to make them more interesting. I became obsessed with images of Buddha Bowls - all those brightly coloured salad bowls have made me super pumped for salads
  • Have a plan - either create one or you can use our 10 kickstart plan as a guide (download below). If you want to get back on track, NOTHING beats being organised.
  • Cut out the extras, like the things you may have overindulged in during your trip (sweets, alcohol and pastries) and load up on the good stuff.
  • Get your list together. You will notice your appetite may different after eating a little differently so be prepared for this. I bought extra veggies so my salads can be a little bigger. If I am feeling extra hungry, I can fill up on these.
  • Set aside some time for meal prep. Whether you break it up over 2 sessions or keep it as one, get as much of it done to minimise thinking about what you are going to eat throughout the week.
  • DO NOT feel guilty about enjoying the food that was not on your ‘plan’ - I still think that eating in either 80/20 or 90/10 is the easiest way to enjoy everything in life.
  • Schedule in your regular exercise routine and get it started straight away.

Take home message - Enjoy the memories of enjoying yourself, go back to eating the foods that make you feel great and your normal exercise routine, you will be 100% fine.

Click the image to download the 10 Kickstart Plan and have it sent to your email.

Eating Out… Indian

Anna took along her cauli-rice to have favourite Indian Spot.

Indian is known to be pretty carb-heavy. Not so much the curries, but the extras, sides and rice. This would be more of a LowER Carb meal out if you choose to have a little rice/ naan. For those that want to keep it as low as possible below are some ideas for you.

Look for - ANYTHING with veggies. You would be surprised how many veggie-based dishes you can find. Go with green/ low carb veggie options such as:

  • Achari Gobhi (Cauliflower in Mustard Sauce)
  • Palak Paneer (Cheese & Spinach)
  • Bhindi Ki Sabzi (Stir-Fried Okra)
  • Kadai Subzi (Mixed vegetable Curry)
  • Indian Salads (usually cucumber, tomato and onion)
  • Pickled sides

SPICE IT UP! - Give your taste buds some excitement without adding to the carb count.

Protein - Pick your favourite meat/ fish-based curries - there are so many to choose from. If the menu doesn’t specify what is the curry, just ask!

🚫Avoid - Pass on the naan bread 😩 the fried samosas, potatoes and rice. Anything that says 'crispy' means batter so avoids these too.

Tip - When visiting her local Indian restaurant Anna took along her own cauli-rice "On the weekend I cautiously asked my local Indian if they'd mind heating my cauli rice instead of regular rice, and they didn't mind at all!

I offered to pay for the regular rice anyway (not sure if they actually charged me) as I was just SO happy to enjoy my Indian without the carb overload, and I was excited to have a few glasses of wine 😍” Anna x

This MAY work for you at your local spot, perhaps not at a restaurant.

👉🏼 Still not convinced? Why not make your own and give these recipes a go 👨‍🍳 Check out these low carb friendly recipes online.

Low Carb Expert - Jess Turton

jessica turton

This month we feature Jess' VIDEO Talk on - Why MOST Diets Fail!! // Tips for Creating a Sustainable Diet If you want to have access to the podcast that she mentions in the intro 'Low Carb Conversations - It's not a diet, it's a Lifestyle' - click here

For Jess's FULL bio below

Low Carb Snack Idea

Snacking can be the hardest thing when you are living low carb, as most convenience foods are packed full of sugar and carbs. Each month we will bring you a super simple snack idea for you to try!

Cinnamon Scrolls - 2g carbs each!

Need a little something with your cuppa?? 😋

Here's what one of our low carbers had to say about these..."I think this recipe has just saved my life. I've recently been told I need to go gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast-free. My absolute favourite treat is a cinnamon roll. To find one that fits my new lifestyle and actually tastes like a treat is AWESOME! Thanks so much" - Paula. S

Low Carb Recipe of the Month

Sugar-free Lemon Tart!

Spring is the time when outdoor entertaining makes a comeback! This low carb lemon tart is a light and tangy refreshing dessert that is PERFECT for your next event! Why buy a store-bought tart when you can make your own? A timeless classic made low carb and sugar-free so we don't have to miss out.

Don't miss out, simply swap!

Monthly Goals

What are you working towards this month? Once you know what is it is you want to achieve, then you can commit to it and get into action. It’s also great to reflect back on what you loved in the previous month and noting something to look forward to in the future, this will keep you excited along the way.

We want to help our community achieve their goals and feel their best. The template below is to help you get there.

  • Top Priority this month is:
  • Little daily action to help me achieve my goal:
  • What I am looking forward to this month:
  • What I loved about last month was:

Coffee & Cake with Anna and Jo

Over the past month…

5. What podcast/ youtube or blog have you been into?

Anna: I can't say I really listen to any podcasts, I'm a little behind the times here! I do love listening to Tony Robbins on You Tube though, he's always great for that little kick start or refocus

Jo: Youtube series by Matt D'Avella - I have been thinking about decluttering and found his videos about his journey towards a Minimalistic lifestyle. I'm not about to give up on all my things but I am working on down-sizing and consuming less. This is just the start of the process. He has other great content too. on Spotify - Oprahs Soul Sessions are really motivating and inspiring. Highly recommend. 👍

4. What is your favourite Low Carb product?

Anna: I'm finding Zucchini is so versatile and adds a great veggie hot to any meal. Often I'll make up a big batch of bolognaise or other hot pot style dish and serve it oven Zuchhini. Makes the meals last for longer, is low carb and I feel great getting all the extra veggies :)

Jo: Remedy Range of Kombucha - Cherry Plum flavour is my fave ATM. These drinks remind me of Cider (which normally is high in sugar) I know these aren't alcoholic but I take these with me if we are heading to a friends for drinks and nibbles or if people pop over for drinks. This way it feels like I'm having something. I have popped it into a cocktail glass and added some berries and mint so it looks fancy (don't judge) They have a whole bunch of new flavours. be sure to grab a bunch when they are on sale!

3. What's been your favourite PBCo product?

Anna: Loving our Sunflower & Linseed Low Carb Bread. I make up a loaf on the weekend, then that means breakfast sorted for both of us for the week ahead. So quick and easy.

Jo: The Protein Muffin Mix (sweet) Normally eat savoury things for breakfast but for the past 2 weeks I have been enjoying a apple and blueberry muffin everyday. I forgot how filling they were.

2. Outside of Food and Exercise, what is one thing that you enjoy to do for yourself?

Anna: Clearing my mind. Nothing better than sitting at a cafe, or at the beach and just writing down everything that's on my mind or that I want to do. Once it's on paper it can be actioned, or parked, but it's not clogging up and weighing down your mind.

Jo: Sounds a bit lame, but I do this daily - put on make up! Its such a small thing that I do each day but it makes me feel great. It's how I show up in the world each day and it gives me that little bit of confidence.

1. What was your biggest win last month?

Anna: Finalising some great new low carb products that we will be launching over the next 3 months, and getting away, glamping down the coast for my birthday!

Jo: I was pretty impressed with how quickly I got 'back to it' with my regular eating and exercise after my holiday. I wrote my shopping list on the flight home in my phone. Once we got back I slept then the next day got shopping, did my meal prep and locked in all my yoga and gym sessions. On Monday just got started. I figured that the jet lag would happened anyway. I had 2 nights of broken sleep then I was fine.

We want your feedback!!

Help us create the best Low Carb go-to newsletter there is. If you want certain topics covered or want to feature as our Low Carb Lover of the month, send an email to Jo 🤓

Want to find out a bit more about Anna and Jo?

Click here and head to their bio's to find out why they live and love low carb!

Click here if you missed our first Low Carb Living Newsletter

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