Our 9 Best Low Carb Pancake Recipes & Cooking Tips!

Looking for Low Carb Pancake Recipes? When it comes to making the perfect low carb pancake stack - The list of toppings and additions is almost endless!

Sweet, Savoury, Salty, Crunchy, Fruity - there is something for everyone! But in case you’re needing some delicious, easy to make low carb pancake recipes, I’ve put together our favourites below as well as some tips to give you the perfect keto pancake stack every time.

Whether you’re a pancakes-for-brekkie, brinner or dessert person, you need the perfect pancake canvas for all your favourite toppings!

PBCo. Protein Pancake stack fresh berries and SF maple syrup on a plate.
Nutrition Per serving - Per Stack 🥞 Protein 20g | Carbs 3.6g | Fat 8g | Fibre 7g ⁠- Cals 142

How to make Protein Pancakes...

What you’ll need:

  • 30g Protein Pancake Mix

  • 60ml milk of choice

  • 1 egg.

MIX – Using a whisk, thoroughly combine all the ingredients in a bowl, then let the mixture sit whilst you heat your pan.

PREPARE – Spray a non-stick fry pan with oil. Heat until almost smoking (this seals the pan and prevents sticking). Once hot, turn to low heat and wait for 30 seconds

PORTION – Spoon batter into the fry pan on a low heat, forming 3 pancakes approx. 10cm in diameter. Cook for 60-90 seconds or until you see bubbles appear.

FLIP – Carefully flip each pancake and cook the other side for a further 90 seconds or until golden.


What’s in each pack of Protein Pancakes…

Lupin flour, almond meal, rice protein, flax meal, chia flour, baking powder, vanilla bean powder, natural flavour, cinnamon, salt.

One pack of Protein Pancakes makes…

10 Serves of 3 Pancakes, that’s 30 low carb Protein Pancakes

Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon Plant Based Protein Pancake Stack Icon

Let's get to the toppings...

Now there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple… Butter and SF maple syrup is the most popular way to enjoy our low carb pancakes.

PBCo. Butter and Maple Pancakes on a plate

Followed by a close second of yoghurt and berries…or a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of your favourite sweetener.

If you’re after some new flavours or ideas, check out the list below... 👇🏼

PBCo. pancake stack with banana

Fruit & Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Whilst we see berries mostly, adding your favourite fruit to your low carb pancakes is a great way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your day! If you are looking for keto pancakes, stick with berries as they are super low in carbs!

Do you have a little more wiggle room in your carbs? when it comes to low carb fruit toppings, I say choose any fruit you love and make it fit your macros. If you love pears, bananas or apples you shouldn’t shy away from the fruit you love!

PBCo. Lamington Pancakes

Lamington Pancakes

Nutrition - Carbs 8g |Fat 18g | Protein 25g

Something a little different with pancakes - Lamington inspired pancake stack. Raspberry Choc is an awesome flavour combo, we’ve used raspberry chia jam and Mayver’s Cacao Super Spread A great dessert brekkie or if you prefer a sweeter start to your day!

PBCo. Waffles, Ricotta and Bacon

Waffles, Ricotta and Bacon stack

Nutrition - Carbs 5g | Fat 27g | Protein 41g

Do you like the combination of sweet and salty? This drool-worthing stack of maple bacon waffles, layered with creamy ricotta is what dreams are made of!! Packing a huge 41.2g of Protein you will hit your macros easily with this stack.

PBCo. Protein Pancake Pikelets with jam & cream

Low Carb Pikelets with Chia Jam & Cream

Nutrition Carbs 3.6g | Fat 8.4g |Protein 20g

How about some morning or afternoon tea pikelets with jam & cream, how very fancy!? 😂 (not really) Simply follow the instructions on the pack to make 1 batch, but portion out 6 pikelets. Simples! Enjoy with your favourite sugar-free jam, or make your own and don’t forget the cream!


PBCo. Jaffle Pancakes with Lemon butter sauce

Jaffle Pancakes with Lemon Butter Sauce.

Nutrition Carbs 5g | Fat 16g | Protein 20g

I’m sure you’ve got an old jaffle maker somewhere in your cupboard, it’s the type of appliance that you’re either using every day for 2 weeks straight or it’s left in the back of the cupboard and for some reason, you just can’t throw it out. 😩 Not really a recipe, but a different way of enjoying our low carb protein pancakes.

Lemon Butter recipe: ¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice + 2 teaspoons of sugar-free icing mix - Stir well in a microwave-safe cup, then add ½ TB of butter and pop into the microwave for 20 seconds, stir to combine and pour over pancakes.

PBCo. Choc Chip Pancakes

Choc Chip Keto Pancakes.

Super simple! Add 1 TB or 2 of sugar free choc chips to your next batch of Pancakes. These are super yummy as an afternoon snack. Protein packed to keep you satisfied until dinner and that little bit of chocolate to help with that 3:30pm choc craving!


PBCo. Peanut Butter Jelly Pancakes

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

Nutrition Carbs 4g |Fat 18g | Protein 27

It’s peanut butter jelly time! - I know we call it jam here. An American inspired Pancake stack to enjoy. Peanut Butter and Jam is a delicious combination of sweet and salty. When it comes to peanut butter, choose your fave BUUUUT...you really can’t beat Mayver’s Dark Roasted. 😍

PBCo. Pancakes & Ice Cream

Low Carb Protein Pancakes & Ice Cream

Are you a pancake dessert person? Then these are for you.., Pancakes & Ice cream just go great together. The warmth of the Pancakes with the coolness of your favourite keto-friendly ice cream - This is also a great combination when you want to combine dinner with dessert! Haha. Our top pick for ice cream Denada Vanilla Bean...sooo good or a combo of their Chocolate & Peanut Butter! 🤤 🤤 close second.

And in the morning, I’m making waffles... 😂

Our Pancake Mix works PERFECTLY in a waffle machine! I think waffles just taste better! Yep, the taste is different. It’s how they capture the toppings in each little section and you get crispier edges throughout. If you have been on the fence on whether you need to buy a waffle maker, allow these following images to inspire you…

Are our Protein Pancakes suitable for meal prep?

PBCo. Protein Pancakes in container

YEP! 100% You can make up a few batches of Low Carb Protein Pancakes and have your week sorted. We also have a BULK Protein Pack for hardcore Pancake lovers!


So there you have it, a list of some new ways to enjoy your low carb Protein Pancakes... Need more convincing, here are 7 reasons why you SHOULD love Pancakes!

❤️ You can top them with anything!

💛 They take under 10 mins to prep and cook.

💜 They CAN be made healthy!

❤️ Can be eaten any time of day

💛 You can make them sweet or savoury.

💜 Fun for kids...and adults alike.

❤️ They'll brighten your mood and put a spring in your step.

What if you don't like Pancakes??

Really...why not? - 😂 No worries! Our Pancake Mix can also be used in other recipes.