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Article: 6 High Protein Snacks To Eat At Your Desk

6 High Protein Snacks To Eat At Your Desk - PBCo.

6 High Protein Snacks To Eat At Your Desk

Begone mindless munching, Planned snacks are where it’s at!

Check out our 6 High Protein Snack ideas.

Whether you are in the office or WFH having a planned afternoon snack will help take the edge off and not leave you ravenous at dinner time.

When it comes to that mid-afternoon snack - protein is king, not too much (no need for a steak, healthy fats or fibre - or a combo of all 3 - WINNING!

We popped together a quick list of 6 protein-rich snacks - 10g or more to get you through the afternoon.

We mixed it up and include some supermarket options, ones that are ready to go or easy to throw together, especially for those weeks when you have run out of Protein Cookie or Muffin Mix and need snacks to get you through the afternoon.

6 High Protein Snacks:

1. Protein Snack Boxes.

There are so many cool websites and Instagram pages showing many variations of these high protein snack boxes. Supermarkets are now providing little cheese and veggie packs in the fresh food section of the store if you are out and want to grab this option, ready to go!

But this can just as easily be popped together yourself, which will save you some $$$ and you can prep a few in a row. I also like the idea of mixing up between sweet and savoury: Some additions could be: cheese, eggs, deli meats*, dips, roasted fave beans, veggie sticks of choice, SF chocolate, or choc chips or some fruit. You can pretty much choose what you like! Check out Christine’s page ‘Colourful Recipes’ for some great ideas.

Low Carb High protein Snack Box
📸 Image Credit - Beach Body on Demand

2. Yoghurt + Berries.

Simple & delicious. This is another great option to make ahead of time, you could also add 2 TB of chia seeds and make a chia pudding. There are so many great low carb high protein yoghurts available.

If you are short on time, you can pick up some flavoured yoghurt (make sure you check for no added sugar) Yopro and Chobani FIT both have great flavour ranges that sit at around 7g carbs + 15g + protein if you find plain yoghurt a little boring or not your thing.

Homemade Yoghurt & Berry Pots - Protein snacks
📸 Image Credit - Simply Scratch Recipes

3. Protein Cookies

We would be silly not to mention our Protein Cookies, considering how much we LOVE them. 10g protein per cookie!

The beauty of this mix is that whilst yes, the recipe on the back of the pack is delicious, it’s a base mix, which means you can pretty much make ANY cookie you like with this and still enjoy a high-protein cookie.

My fave is Roasted peanuts & mini M&M’s ( you could easily switch those out to our sugar-free choc chips if you wish) 1 pack makes 15 cookies, that’s 2 weeks worth of snacks and 1 extra because you need to “test” them out 😉 Check out our recipes online!

Low carb Cookies on a cooling rack



4. Protein Shakes

Pretty simple this one! Super convenient, just shake and go. So many flavours to choose from these days.

If you are considering a protein shake, try and find a shake that has simple ingredients, desired type of protein whey/ plant protein.

Protein Shakes - High Protein Desk Snacks


5. Protein Snack Bars

Ready-made bars are SUPER convenient! There are so many options to choose from, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with deciphering the nutritional panels, that way you can find the best one for you.

When it comes to protein bars, you either love them or hate them. The who love them, have their faves! We’re not here to say if we love them or not, but we know that people enjoy them which is why we included them in this list.

Carman’s have a range of protein granola type bars, all with 10g protein. These bars aren’t low carb, but they are lowER carb, so if you have wiggle room in your carbs - you may enjoy these bars!

Protein Bars - High Protein Desk Snacks

6. Protein Muffins

A little snack with a mighty punch of protein with 10g per muffin!

Very much like our protein cookies, our Protein Muffin Mix is a base mix, which means you can choose your own muffin adventure!

Fruit, Choc Chips, Nuts, Veggies, SF Chocolate or Syrups etc… You can make any flavour you like! That said, the recipe on the back of the pack is delicious! Check out our recipe online.

Protein Muffins - High Protein Desk Snacks


So there you have it! A quick list of high protein snacks that you can enjoy at your desk or even on the go!



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