Anas Dib

Body Builder


Hi my name is Anas.  I work in a rehab field and occasionally train people part of my personal training. I’ve been training for well over 3 years in reference to bodybuilding and have always been active in sports.
As important as it is to stay active so many other contributing factors dictate a role to your health. One of the important factors are your ability to eat healthy in maximizing your body’s potential. Nutrition is more so your fuel you add to your car that will help you advance through your workouts or daily tasks. For me, I spend a lot of time in adjusting my diet and finding the foods I enjoy eating. Also relaying the message of doing what you love so love what you eat. Protein plant based foods and recipes are the step in the right direction as they create a healthy conscious around nutrition and also enjoying food & not just eating for function.
Another tool I like to preach so heavily on is mindset and the ability to stay positive to endure through everything life has to offer. I like to give an analogy as such. Plant a seed in the floor and it will be watered daily. As we all know for seeds to grow into plants they must receive sunlight and often times bright times are times referred to as happy & positive days. The day you don’t give that seed the positive sunlight it needs is the day you start to slowly kill it with a negative shade. Always remember that there are many tools in the shed so give yourself the right tools to succeed. A positive mindset is one of them & as touched on nutrition and exercise are another.

Athlete Profile

Nickname: Anas
Age: 23
Hometown:  Greenacre, Sydney
Sports:  Body Building
Favourite PBCo Product: Protein Pancakes

Career Highlights

  • NBANBA (Natural Bodybuilding Australia) Men’s Middleweight 1st Place
  • Qualified Sports & Personal Trainer
  • Natural Bodybuilding Australia Men’s Beginners 2019 1st Place
  • (Natural Bodybuilding Australia) Men’s Middleweight 1st Place
  • Qualified Sports & Personal Trainer
  • Natural Bodybuilding Australia Men’s Beginners 2019 1st Place




Instagram: @anasdibfitness

We asked Anas to share a little about himself with us…

How did you get into your sport?

Importance of general health and functional mobility. I grew up to love sports and the comradery it brings into our lives.

What have you found to be the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The most valuable advice was given to me by my father. He taught me that if I wanted something I work hard to achieve it. If you want something in life you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. There are no excuses when it comes to your dreams. If you truly believe you are a part of something special you will do anything to showcase your dreams. Do what you were created to do. We were all born with something special within us.

What’s next on the cards?

As touched on above my goal is to start empowering others around me. I’ve learnt that in life we can only do so much individually and of course there is a personal reward from that but I aim to help others around me succeed. Life isn’t all about me I would much rather help others succeed and bring the best out of others. My individual goals do include doing a bodybuilding competition possibly late 2020. I am currently working on running again as I endured through a back injury that has taken me out of running for 2 and a half years.

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