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Article: A new era: introducing PBCo.'s fresh new look

A new era: introducing PBCo.'s fresh new look - PBCo.

A new era: introducing PBCo.'s fresh new look

Welcome to an exciting new era of PBCo.! We couldn't be more thrilled to finally reveal our fresh new look, complete with our upgraded website and reinvigorated packaging.

Over the past eight months, Russ and I (Sarah) have been working hard researching and connecting with our customers and consumers. Our mission is simple: to empower people like you to feel your best every day and live happy and healthy lifestyles. However, we realised that our branding and messaging needed some fine-tuning.

The PBCo. journey began as the Protein Bread Co., primarily focusing on protein products that became the cornerstone of the brand's success. But as the range was expanded to include low carb baking mixes and yummy sweet treats, the identity became a bit blurry. Since we've been in the driver's seat, we found we were trying to cater to varied interests and different health goals, all at once.

It was clear that we needed to provide clarity on each product range and the specific lifestyles they cater to, so that we can speak your language and serve you best. So, we've done a little housekeeping!

Firstly, you may have noticed we now go by PBCo. Lifestyle Foods, which we felt was more aligned with our business and purpose. And we have also reviewed our product ranges into the four distinct groups below:

Protein Plus + Ultra Low Carb (previously Protein Range)
For those who are conscious of their carb and macro intake, seeking the perfect balance of protein to fuel their lifestyle and optimise their bodies and health goals.

Everyday Low Carb
(previously Keto Range)
Tailored for people who need to, or choose to, cut down on sugar, carbs, and/or gluten, providing everyday lower carb alternatives to their favourite foods.

Sensibly Sweet (previously No Added Sugar)
Designed for health-conscious people who simply want to steer clear of sugar and make better choices for themselves and their families.

Pantry Staples (previously Ingredients)
Perfect for home chefs and creators who love experimenting with pantry essentials that are low carb and sugar-free.

Designing the ideal packaging to cater to the needs of each group, AND refreshing the PBCo. presence on store and supermarket shelves has been quite a journey! But we are super excited to finally unveil the results to you.

You'll start seeing the new look roll out product by product as we gradually phase out the existing packaging. Some products will transition to the fresh look as early as next week, whilst others will take a little longer. We will keep you posted on which ones to expect next through our mailing list and social media, so please make sure you subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Amidst all of these changes - rest assured that the products you know and love inside the pack remain the same :) We have been busy behind the scenes with product development and we will have some fantastic NEW products coming to the ranges soon... but more on that later!

As always, thank you so much for supporting our products and our business – we appreciate you all and hope you love the new look as much as we do.

Chat soon,
Sarah and Russ

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