Food courts have become a common food environment for most of us. Whether we are at work during lunchtime, or just out and about. We are now having 1 or more take away meals per week.

Finding low carb friendly options in food courts has become easier in the last few years too. It is a pain at times when some places charge you more when you are asking for less. But you can still find a budget-friendly option.

Low Carb Food Court and Takeaway Options:

  • Sumo salad Create your own, choose a leafy base and your fave low carb vegetables and a protein of choice. The red wine vinaigrette is the lowest cal dressing. (any “build your own meal” sort of place is a good choice for a low carb meal actually)
  • Grill’d – Low carb Burger bun or naked burger with no bun.
  • Thai or Chinese. Always go for a stir fry with extra vegetables and No rice. or Thai beef/prawn salad.
  • Vietnamese – Vietnamese Pork/ Chicken Roll – In a Bowl – minus the Bun. Lots of fresh ingredients, chilli and lean protein.
  • Mad Mex/ GYG – Naked Burrito or a Fajita Bowl. – ask for no rice or beans and extra meat, and Guac, because mmmm guacamole ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Mc Donalds, as we saw with Annaโ€™s Post  – meat or chicken Patties and a garden salad.   Or the Lettuce leaf bun option for burgers.
  • Kebab/ Lebanese -Always go a plate – chargrilled meats with extra salad and say no to the bread. Similar to Greek food places.
  • Standard take-away – Grilled fish/ BBQ chicken with salad -Avoid all the deep fried options. If itโ€™s a sandwich shop. Ask for the ingredients of a sandwich in a container.
  • Le Wrap – Chicken or Beef salad bowls or Plate with no rice
  • Oporto/ Nandos: Chicken Tenders or 1/4 chicken – with a side salad or coleslaw – watch for dressings.
  • Subway – easy one. Subway salad bowl, but double the meat – trust me on this. The single serve is tiny ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Roast meat carvery – Most Roast meats with a side of steamed/ grilled veggies – just skip the mash and baked potatoes.
  • Another sneaky tip, if you are walking by a supermarket. Coles or Woolies -The pre-made salad section offers some great options that at times can be so much cheaper. Obviously, if there are croutons and heavy creamy dressings, ditch them. Teaming these with 1/4 BBQ chicken, or visit the deli section for some ham, feta or turkey.

I hope you have found these suggestions helpful when aiming to eat low carb when you are out and about.

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