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Baking some treats for Halloween? Make a batch (or 2) of our Simply Low Carb Cupcakes. Choose either Chocolate or Vanilla and have some fun with our icing. Pumpkin Cupcakes. Ingredients Simply Low Carb Sugar-Free Icing MixApple for the pumpkin stalkOrange and green food colouring Method Make Icing as per instructions on pack.Separate ¼ of… View Article
Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter! Well – I’m not sure how this happened – but we have 3 months left of 2019!!! The good news is that a lot can happen in 3 months. 3 months is the perfect amount of time to make some little changes that can really make a big… View Article
Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter! Spring brings us warmer, longer days and new beginnings. Spring is also a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. What a perfect time to think about any new beginnings we wish for our own lives, any small changes that may have a big impact on our… View Article
There comes a time in all our own personal adventures that marks a pivotal moment, a turning point, a fork in the road. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time standing at that fork and contemplating what the future looks like for me, and I’ve realised that it’s my time to take a different path…. View Article
Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter! Our goal each month is to find the latest and greatest Low Carb products, places to eat, information, and inspiration for you. This month we are introducing Jess, who will be the Low Carb Expert featuring in our newsletters. We are super excited to have her on board…. View Article
Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic that is rising at a terrifying rate. The number of adults living with diabetes globally was estimated at 422 million in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980 – an increase of almost 400% [1]. Even with adjustments for our ageing population, the global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled…. View Article
Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter! Happy Winter! Entering into the cooler months, when cravings for heavier “carby” foods creep in, we‘ve packed this newsletter full of other great options, that still taste amazing, warm you up and satisfy you, but DON’T leave you feeling lethargic, bloated or stodgy!! Our goal each month is… View Article