Are you looking for a more filling breakfast to keep you going through the morning? Pump up the protein in the first meal of the day with these swaps!

Swap your Pancakes for PROTEIN PANCAKES.

Who else loves a pancake stack? Most cafe style and store-bought mixes are mostly high in sugar and carbs, and most lack enough protein to keep you full throughout the morning. 

PBCo. Protein Pancake Mix 300g (30 Pancakes) Gluten Free Soy Free - Front of Pack
 ServingGreens Buttermilk Pancakes  PBCo. Protein Pancakes
Protein in
3 Pancakes

Swap Cheddar Cheese for COTTAGE CHEESE

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like your favourite cheddar on buttery toast, but if you’re trying to up the protein at brekkie, cottage cheese is the cheese to choose 🙂 Per 100g (a good comparison ballpark), cheddar is actually higher in protein than cottage cheese, BUT there’s only so much cheddar you can eat in one sitting (or is there?! hah) – with a standard serving being a matchbox-sized 25g.

Cottage cheese tends to be consumed in larger quantities as it isn’t as rich or high in fat as cheddar; although if you’re lactose intolerant I’d stick to hard cheeses like cheddar! A great higher protein spread for those days when there isn’t time for eggs on toast. Cottage cheese can be eaten straight-up with cinnamon, a dash of vanilla and stevia…kind of like a cheese-cakey breakfast pudding. You can also boost your smoothies, scrambled eggs and porridge with it as it has a very neutral flavour.

Cottage Cheese
 Mainland Tasty
Cheddar (25g serve)
Dairy Farmers Cottage
Cheese (126g serve)
Protein per serve:6g 14.1g
Protein per 100g:24g11.3g

Swap your Multigrain toast for PROTEIN 6 SEEDS TOAST

It may sound and look healthy, but multigrain bread is typically white bread with a few whole grains and sometimes seeds thrown in for good measure. Take one commercial brand of seeded multigrain sandwich bread you’ll find at the supermarket; refined white wheat flour is the main ingredient, with whole grains accounting for only 16% of the product.

When you look at the protein content, 2 slices of this multigrain bread gives you 9g of protein, which isn’t bad, but swap to 2 slices of protein 6 seeds bread for 16.1g protein. This is thanks to all the high protein, whole-food ingredients; lupin flour, almond meal, whey protein and seeds. Try it well toasted with your favourite toppings or as a sandwich:)

PBCo. Protein 6 Seeds Bread Mix 350g (1 Loaf 10 Serves) Gluten Free Low Carb – Front of Pack
Serving Tip Top 9 Grain
Original (700g loaf)
PBCo. 6 Seeds (made as per pack)
2 slices9g16.1g

Swap your morning tub of yoghurt for a PROTEIN boosted YOGHURT.

Yoghurt is super convenient as a quick breakfast, you just need to remember a spoon. 🙂 If you are a fan of plain yoghurt you will find a few that are high in protein. However, if you are after a little flavour, here are 2 brands on the market that offer high protein options. They also come in other flavours.

Vanilla Chobani FITDanone YOPro
Protein per serve:15.5g15.2g
Protein per 100g:9.1g9.5g

Swap your cafe muffin for a Protein Muffin.

A grab-n-go breakfast is super handy for those of us who are time-poor. Grabbing a seemingly healthy muffin from a cafe seems like a good idea. Not only are they low in protein, they are super high sugar. One muffin can contain up to 30g of sugar.

PBCo. Protein Muffin Mix 340g (10 Serves) Gluten Free Low Carb - Front of Pack
Per Serving Mc Cafe Blueberry Muffin       PBCo. Apple Berry Protein Muffin

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