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Article: 4 Low Carb Pasta Replacements

4 Low Carb Pasta Replacements - PBCo.

4 Low Carb Pasta Replacements

What could be better than a bowl of great pasta and glass of red wine? The only problem for those of us who have chosen a low carb lifestyle is the pasta, so all we're left with is the wine (which is not always a bad thing). But we've put together this list of our favourite low carb pasta replacements - so you can enjoy that spag bol or fettuccine boscaiola once again!

Low Carb Pasta Replacements

4. Bean Sprouts

Yes this really does work! Just empty a packet into a bowl and pour your hot pasta sauce over the top. The heat from the sauce will wilt the sprouts slightly, but still keep them crunchy. And while we recognise that this is not the same as some fresh pasta, it is still a great low carb (and deliciously crunchy) alternative.


3. Slendier or Konjac noodles

This is a brand of VERY low carb pasta and noodles. Have a look at the Slendier Spaghetti, but they also have noodles, lasagne sheets and fettuccine. A great replacement for regular pasta. This is what we've used in the photo at the top of the page! Check out our product review of my favourite low carb noodle replacement ____________________________________________________________________________

2. Legume / Bean Pasta

There are a few brands around. But one brand I absolutely LOVE is Eco Organics Bean Pasta They are Low - LowER Carb. I also find that the serving on the pack for me is quite big, they are high in protein and fibre so super filling!!! ADZUKI BEAN SPAGHETTI is my favourite - with only 15g carbs per 100g or 7.5g per 50g (which is surprisingly filling!) It reminds me of wholemeal pasta. Slendier also have a range of Low Carb Legume Pasta's which can be found in Coles and Woolies. ____________________________________________________________________________

1. Zoodles

This is a bit of a new craze, but it is actually a great low carb option. It’s zucchini sliced to resemble spaghetti. You can slice it using the original Zoodle Slicer gadget, or I’m sure there are now some other options on the market. It works surprisingly well, with similar texture and holding its shape well when cooked. ____________________________________________________________________________ Note: As an Italian I can't hate on real pasta...(my mum would kill me) and I get it, these substitutes aren't like for like when it comes to pasta, but for us Low Carbers, they are pretty good options.

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