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Article: The Best Low Carb Butter Chicken Sauce

The Best Low Carb Butter Chicken Sauce - PBCo.

The Best Low Carb Butter Chicken Sauce

Nothing beats a good Indian curry, especially as the months get cooler. I don't tend to go out for it much anymore, as i find it quite hard to resist the naan and rice while trying to eat Low Carb, but may enjoy it once in a while.

Some people argue that Butter Chicken isn't a "traditional" Indian dish, however it is loved by many. So I went hunting for the best Low Carb Butter Chicken Sauces

If you're looking to give it at go at home, check out our list of the lowest carb ready made sauces.

Our criteria 10g carbs or less per 100g

Updated February 2020

The Lowest Carb Butter Chicken Sauce is...

Pete Evans Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce


Tomatoes( Reconstituted Tomato Puree, Diced Tomatoes), Fresh Onion, Coconut Oil, Coconut (5.2%), Herbs and Spices (2.7%), Thickener ( Tapioca Starch), Garlic, Salt, Food Acid (Citric), Turmeric (0.1%), Vegetable Gum (Xanthan)

carbs per 100g: 5.8g


  • No added sugar.

Sharwoods Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce


Water, Tomatoes (19%), Fried Onions (6%), Single Cream, Tomato Puree (4%) Modified starch 1422 Rapeseed oil, sugar, butter (2.5%) spices, ginger puree, salt, garlic puree, acidity regulator (citric acid) Coriander, Colour (Paprika Oleoresin)

Carbs per 100g: 7.5g

Chicken Tonight Butter Chicken Mild


Water, Tomato Puree (35%) (Reconstituted), Sunflower Oil, Lemon Juice (Reconstituted), Onion 14% (Reconstituted), Fresh Cream (3%), Thickeners (1422, Xanthan Gum), Sugar, Spices, Ginger, Almond Meal, Coriander, Salt, Egg Yolk, Garlic, Flavours (Contains Milk, Soy, Wheat), Parsley (0.3%) (Reconstituted), Chilli, Parsley, Colours (Carotene, Carmines,Annatto Extracts) (Contains Fish), Acid (Acetic Acid, Citric Acid), Herb Extract, Spice Extract.

Carbs per 100g: 8.3g

Fodmapped Butter Chicken


Water, Tomato Paste, Cream , Carrot, Coconut Milk , Canola Oil, Ghee (2.3%) , Sugar, Spices, Corn Starch, Lemon Juice, Salt, Yeast Extract, Food Acid (Citric), Turmeric, Stabiliser (Pectin), Black Pepper, Vegetable Gum (Xanthan).

carbs per 100g: 8.5g


  • Perfect for those following a FODMAP plan

Patak's Butter Chicken Spicy

Water, Onion (9%), Tomato Puree (8%), Vegetable Ghee, Sugar, Cream (MILK) (3%), Modified Maize Starch (1422), Spices (1%), Coriander Leaf, Salt, Flavours, Onion Powder, Ginger, Dried Crushed Red Chilli (0.5%), Garlic Powder, Tamarind, Vegetable Gum (415), Acidity Regulators (270, 260), Butter Flavour (0.1%), Colours (Paprika Oleoresin, 129), Garlic.

Carbs per 100g: 10g

The Spice Tailor Classic Butter Chicken

Water, Tomato Paste (20%), Onions (17%), Cream (Milk), Cashew Nuts, Butter, Ginger (2%), Garlic, Spices (2%) Salt, Sugar, Sunflower Oil.

carbs per 100g: 10.6g


  • Not an overly long ingredient list 👍

Please note information was accurate at the time of collecting. If changes are made to the brand (packaging or nutrition) within our updates, please refer to their website. Changes may occur regarding their availability, please check with your local supermarket for more info.

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