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Article: "Living the Low Carb Way of Life Has Set Me Free" - Melissa Riley

"Living the Low Carb Way of Life Has Set Me Free" - Melissa Riley - PBCo.

"Living the Low Carb Way of Life Has Set Me Free" - Melissa Riley

My biggest success is losing 85kgs through living the Low Carb way fo life. I was overweight all my life. At a young age, I can remember always being on a diet. Nothing ever worked for long. I would lose some weight, then plateau, get disheartened and pile on more weight. By the time I was in my 30s, I had reached a massive 150kgs and had one foot in the grave. My liver wasn't functioning properly, I had Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and a Chronic Asthmatic among other health issues. After trying everything possibly out there for weight loss. Being under Drs, Nutritionist, Dietitians and Diabetes Australia for years, trying to help me lose weight with no success, being ridiculed that I wasn't sticking to their eating plans. I was at my lowest and about to give up all together.

Low Carb Way of Life

I started living Low Carb in 2008 and had instant success with losing weight and had dropped over 50kg in the first year. I won't call it a diet as it is a lifestyle change, I live it everyday. When I started the weight just fell off me. My Drs were amazed. I had to overcome all the professionals being very negative about it. Telling me it's unsustainable, that it is an unhealthy way to live, it will make me sick in the long run. Through all this I kept with it, finally believing that I was on the right path to permanent weight loss and changing my life for the better and through this change of lifestyle all my health issues disappeared. What they did find out is that I had all these food allergies. Every diet I had been on was full of these foods that and I was being told to eat them as they are considered healthy foods. They were virtually killing me. As soon as they were eliminated from my diet, everything changed for me. Unfortunately for me, I got into a very abusive controlling relationship for 3 years and gained nearly 20kgs back. In mid 2012 when I got out of that, I went back to what I knew and worked for me. That was eating Low Carb. The rest of the weight just fell off me, in just 6 short months.

How Low Carb Living Set Me Free

Living the Low Carb way of life has set me free. My diabetes has gone. I have no spikes or dips in my sugar level at all. My liver is now functioning properly. No more medication for high cholesterol or high blood pressure. I think the major thing is that I'm no always hungry. When I ate a higher carb diet, it always made me crave more carbs, which would lead me down the path of self loathing because I overate and ultimately gain even more weight. It was a vicious cycle I lived. Now I find food as nourishment for my body. I'm not constantly hungry as I'm not having the sugar spikes bought on by carbs. I eat as clean as possible. Basically if I can't make it, I don't eat it and I have boundless energy. Now, I am 52 years old and workout 6 days a week, with weights, resistance band and body weight exercises, as well as walk anything up to 20 kms a day. I first found your products when I went into a sports supplement shop to buy some protein powder. That's when I saw your bread mix on the shelf. I had not had bread of any kind for some time as even though I'm gluten intolerant, I also found that any grain made me feel sick and bloated. So gluten free products were even out of the question for me. Your products have now given me the freedom to be able to eat foods that I haven't been able to eat without being sick and in extreme pain from stomach cramps. I truly believe that you need to trust your body. The experts don't know everything and we are not all made the same. Everybody is different. What is right for me, is't always right for someone else. If you find the thing that is right for you. Stick to it and don't let others tell you that what you are doing is wrong. Especially when you are succeeding in what you are doing or have done. Melissa Riley

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