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Article: Bulk Buy & Save

Bulk Buy & Save - PBCo.

Bulk Buy & Save

Hey everyone,

I'm Anna, Founder of PBCo. (previously The Protein Bread Co). I'm back on deck after having some time off with the birth of my little girl Lily and am as passionate as ever about low carb foods, especially as they helped me get through such a life changing time.

We've had some big changes in our business and we're more focused than ever on creating low carb foods to help people be their best! Stay tuned as we're launching more natural low carb products, creating more low carb resources and overall, just making low carb easier than ever, because nothing needs to be hard!!

What that means is:

  • We have heaps of low carb products launching in the next couple of months. Even some WORLD FIRST low carb products ūüôĆ ūüôĆ So many in fact that we're building a new manufacturing facility to handle these new lines. And watch out for our NEW Vegan Egg Replacer that will be hitting the PBCo. online store very shortly :)
  • We are introducing Bulk Buys to replace our value bundles. Bulk Buys is meant to make things simple and as we launch all these new and exciting low carb products (YAY), we don't want to limit any bulk savings solely to set value bundles. All savings will show up automatically in your shopping cart!!

  • We're replacing our previous VIP Programs with Bulk Buys. We want to make buying (and eating) low carb as easy as possible so we're rolling our Bulk Buys as a way to support everyone on their low carb journey ūüĎŹ

There is heaps to talk about but in summary, I am more excited than ever to be able to share the benefits of low carb with our community and give people foods that help them be their best!

Anna xx

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