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"Why I Love Low Carb" by Aaron Wallace

For me, low carb is personal. I know how much being low carb helps me out. My energy levels. Sleeping. No headaches in the morning. Lowers stress and anxiety levels. I also know how much it helps out my family members who live by it. Old school doctors say that diabetes runs in my family, but the funny thing is that no one runs in my family, except for me. It’s funny how people accept that lifestyle factors are inevitable, even family members. There are two generations of diabetics in my family, soon to be a third. I don’t accept that I will live a half lived life and then die young! I can’t force people to change, they need to get to that position themselves. But sooner or later, they might come to the conclusion that:
  • The balanced diet they have been living doesn’t seem to be working out that well… no questions there, but put away the ice cream!!
  • Medicine to manage insulin levels doesn’t seem all that sustainable.
  • Me being on keto and living low carb isn’t dangerous or lacking nutrition. In fact, I have more energy than ever!
  • Low carb doesn’t mean sacrifice. It means fueling your day so you can do everything you want to achieve plus more.
I love providing for and taking care of my family. Being a part of a movement and a community that creates and manufactures with integrity, low carb everyday products that smashes nutrition out of the park, means everything to me. After a pretty significant health scare to an uncle of mine recently (life and death stuff), he had to lose a whole bunch of weight quickly. He went on a keto diet and lost 12 kgs in a short amount of time. He’s still powering through and it’s something I’m really proud of him for doing. Although he has a bit to go, he’s drawn a line in the sand and now eating low carb is a lifestyle choice for him! His energy levels are through the roof, he is more grounded, confident and he has that x-factor back. I want my favourite uncle to live forever and know that he will. I love the fact that every morning for breakfast, he eats our 6 Seeds Protein Bread with cheese and he loves it! I love the fact that my Grandma eats Protein Pancakes regularly. She’s 93 and still going strong and I think the pancakes help power her to do it! To be honest with you, nothing beats a Grandma who is on the taste testing panel, gives the best feedback and eats everything (including all the not so good test products). At that age, I think you just love people cooking for you. I love low carb and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of a community where I get to share my passion and also help those that I love.