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Article: The Low Carb Newsletter - September

The Low Carb Newsletter - September - PBCo.

The Low Carb Newsletter - September

Welcome to our monthly Low Carb Newsletter!

Spring brings us warmer, longer days and new beginnings. Spring is also a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.

What a perfect time to think about any new beginnings we wish for our own lives, any small changes that may have a big impact on our health, happiness or both.

Have a great September and enjoy the newsletter!


This month's features

The Top 5 Fruit and Vegetables in season in September.

Each month we will feature what low carb fruit and vegetables are in season.

🍑 Fruits

  • Strawberries - 4g
  • Lemons - 3g
  • Grapefruit - 5g
  • Rockmelon - 6g
  • Pineapple -8g

All figures are carbs per 100g.


  • Asparagus - 1g
  • Chillies - 1g
  • Green Beans- 3g
  • Cauliflower - 2g
  • Carrots - 5g

For the full list, visit:


Supermarket Product of the Month

Woolworths - Bag & Bake Fish

🐠 🐟 Woolies Bag'n'Bake Fish 🐠 🐟

The EASIEST way to cook seafood without the smells and mess! Seafood is such a great low carb food - and super delish when cooked properly. Team it up with some simple green veggies for an amazing healthy dinner.

You can grab these Bag'n'Bakes from the deli at @woolworths_au - simply chose your seafood, choose your butter (stay away from the marinades - too much sugar) and then they pop it all in this oven bag.

Simply pop in the oven at home and you're done (can even use a microwave if you like) 👍

Low Carb Living Tip

How to make ANY supermarket salad dressing LowER Carb (like 50% LESS CARBS & Sugar)

When I went hunting for 'The best Low Carb Salad Dressings for our reviews, I really struggled to find ones that were low enough. This Paul Newman's Caesar is one of my faves at less than 5g carbs per 100g.

This balsamic however is on the higher side, but sometimes its a nice change. The bottle was half empty, so I simply filled up with Apple Cider Vinegar and gave it a big shake and halved the carbs! Simply mix your fave dressings 50/50 with Apple Cider Vinegar for low carb goodness 👍

If you'd rather make your own. Check out our DIY salad dressing tips and recipes below.

❣️ To make your own, you will need❣️

  • A small empty clean jar with lid (easy to shake and store)
  • Oil of choice (olive, avocado, macadamia, chilli-infused etc)
  • Vinegar of choice or lemon/ lime juice
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Additional flavours (optional) Herbs, spices, seeds, berries, yoghurt, garlic, curry powder, mustard (mustard actually helps hold it together so it doesn't separate as easily.) tahini paste, chopped dried cranberries, etc.

❣️Here are some flavour combo's you may enjoy! ❣️

Creamy dressing - Juice of half a lemon + teaspoon dijon Mustard + TB Greek yoghurt+ salt and pepper to taste + teaspoon oil of choice

Chilli Lime - Juice of one lime + 1TB olive oil + salt and pepper to taste + sprinkle of chilli flakes + optional - garlic powder.

Honey Mustard - teaspoon honey (this will have 5g carbs alone) - teaspoon mustard, 2 TB apple cider vinegar, 1TM olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

Italian style - 1 TB Olive oil, 2 TB red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon grated parmesan, ½ garlic clove chopped, sprinkle of dried Italian herbs.

Simple - Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and salt/ pepper to taste.

❤️If you make larger batches, you can store in the fridge sealed in the jar for up to 5 days.

Eating Out… Greek

Greek is probably one of the EASIEST cuisines to find a Low Carb Option at and one of my favourites to go out for 🤤 Greek cuisine makes wide use of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine, and meat. Known for their slow-cooked meats, cheeses and salads it's a Low Carb lovers dream! The below tips can be applied in restaurants and take-away e.g. Zeus Street Food.

Enjoy Traditional Village Salad, Mediterranean Coleslaw, Garden salads, Grilled Halloumi, Saganaki (mmm fried cheese 😍) Calamari, Fetta, Meats - Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Dips, Prawns in sauce or fried, Octopus, Grilled Eggplant

🚫Avoid Pita Bread 😢 Most of their desserts like Loukoumades (little greek doughnuts covered in honey), Baklava, Potatoes (chips) Glykadia (grilled sweet bread)

If you have a little more carbs to play with: Moussaka, Floured and fried starters like Zucchini Flowers or calamari, Dolmades. Spanakopita.

Low Carb Expert - Jess Turton

jessica turton

This month we feature Jess' VIDEO Talk on - 'Evidence-Based Practice: Low-Carbohydrate Diets'

For Jess's FULL bio below

Low Carb Snack Idea

Snacking can be the hardest thing when you are living low carb, as most convenience foods are packed full of sugar and carbs. Each month we will bring you a super simple snack idea for you to try!

Almond Crunch Bar - under 5g carbs

If you are craving a choccie treat you NEED to make this. Find all the ingredients needed in your supermarket! 👍

✅ Roasted Almonds
✅ Dark Chocolate
✅ Salt Flakes
✅ Honey

You can pretty much use ANY roasted nuts and ANY sugar-free or DARK Chocolate for this recipe it's super EASY! I wanted a sweet and salty chocolate bar which is why there is a touch of honey used in this recipe 🤓 (Leave it out if you wish or choose a sugar-free syrup of choice)

Low Carb Recipe of the Month

Homemade Raisin Loaf!

Buttery raisin toast is a favourite of many and something that is often avoided on a low carb plan. It's often made with white flour, sugar and raisins. Hardly filling or nutritious but yet its a common grab-and-go breakfast at a cafe

Don't miss out, simply swap!

By switching from a cafe or store-bought to our EASY-to-make recipe. You can serve yourself a slice of high protein cafe-style raisin toast and save yourself 33g of carbs! 😱

  • Protein Bread Mix - Original - $13.00
  • 2 Eggs - $0.97
  • 2 TB cinnamon (16g) $1.24
  • Raisins 80g - $0.80 (based on Woolworth's brand Raisins) ($10/1kg)
  • Currants 80g - $1.04 (based on Sunbeam Currants) ($13/ 1kg)
  • TOTAL - $17.05 (12 large slices)

$1.43 per thick slice! 😍 Cheaper than a cafe! 👍

That’s great value for a snack or brekkie-on-the-go that has 15g of protein! 12 slices give you just under 2 weeks of toastie goodness!

Monthly Goals

What are you working towards this month? Once you know what is it is you want to achieve, then you can commit to it and get into action. It’s also great to reflect back on what you loved in the previous month and noting something to look forward to in the future, this will keep you excited along the way.

We want to help our community achieve their goals and feel their best. The template below is to help you get there.

  • Top Priority this month is:
  • Little daily action to help me achieve my goal:
  • What I am looking forward to this month:
  • What I loved about last month was:

Anna and Jo eating some low carb cake made from our Low Carb Cupcake Mix

Coffee & Cake with Anna and Jo

Over the past month…

5. What does the start of Spring mean to you?

Anna: Longer, warmer days making it a bit easier to squeeze in some exercise! My Yoga classes are usually at 6am or 6pm, both of which seem that much harder on short, cold winter days. I'm looking forward to getting back into my Yoga!

Jo: New beginnings and new goals! My birthday falls at the end of August, so I always use this opportunity to reflect on the last year and set goals for the next year (sort of like what people do on New Years) - Not just in health, but it all areas of my life. Then I break the big ones down into monthly tasks etc. I am already excited for the year ahead. 😄

4. What is your favourite Low Carb product?

Anna: I'm loving the Carmen's seed crackers with butter at the moment!

Jo: Over winter I discovered Best of Bone - Bone Broth - The ginger, pepper and turmeric flavour. I have been using this in all of my soups, stews etc. My favourite Low Carb meal is a large mug of this with chopped shallots and a few slices of low carb toast with butter. Its not super fancy but as a light meal (after yoga) its perfect. I know I could easily make my own, but I am also not that committed to cooking all the time, so I'll take advantage of any product that makes things a little easier for me.

3. What's been your favourite PBCo product?

Anna: Simply Low Carb Bread - Loving my low carb toast and toasties at the moment! Toasted thin and crispy with butter, peanut butter and salt, with a black coffee is my absolute fave brekkie.

Jo: Fave PBCo product. Our PBCo OG Bread or 6 Seeds are on HEAVY rotation with cinnamon maple butter 🤤 (I used that recipe and switched to SF maple syrup)

2. What are your top tips for motivation and mindset?

Anna: If you want to feel better about your body, Feel better about the way you treat your body! Choose nutritious veggies and protein, avoid carbs and sugar.

Jo: 1. If you think that you always have to work at a 10/10 level to reach your goal - I encourage more flexibility. Come to an 8/10 and be consistent at that level. This allows space for when life gets in the way of things. 2. Set boundaries for yourself so you can have the time to work towards whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Learning to say 'no' to people or things can be super challenging - I was always a YES person because I didn't want to upset anyone (I am still not perfect at this, but I am getting better) - A few no's here and there won't kill anyone and that means there are more YES's to you! 3. Make sure you enjoy the process, if its a long term goal that may take a while - enjoy the ride with some down time, achievements and non-goal related things to enjoy life along the way.

1. What was your biggest win last month?

Anna: A change of schedule meaning I can now get to 2 Bikram Yoga classes per week, Monday AND Friday. It may seem like a little win, but it's a game changer to me as Bikram has had a massive positive impact on my mind and body over the years.

Jo: My Holiday! Time out is super important to re-energise and motivate you. I planned an awesome trip for my bestie and I to celebrate out 40th birthdays overseas.

We want your feedback!!

Help us create the best Low Carb go-to newsletter there is. If you want certain topics covered or want to feature as our Low Carb Lover of the month, send an email to Jo 🤓

Want to find out a bit more about Anna and Jo?

Click here and head to their bio's to find out why they live and love low carb!

Click here if you missed our first Low Carb Living Newsletter

References: *Carb comparison to the Tip Top Wholemeal Raisin Loaf (12 slices)

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