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Article: 20 Foods Surprisingly High in Protein

20 Foods Surprisingly High in Protein - PBCo.

20 Foods Surprisingly High in Protein

Are you looking to increase your protein intake? I have gathered a list of 20 foods that are high in protein – some of which may surprise you. You don’t need to just get your intake from protein drinks as many everyday foods contain high amounts of protein and can be incorporated to your everyday meals (if they aren’t already). In no particular order the list begins… But I’d love to know - which one surprises you the most? ​​

Goats Cheese

Goat’s cheese contains A2 casein protein which comes from goat’s milk. Goat’s cheese contains more vitamins and minerals than cow’s cheese too. A 30g serving of goat’s cheese will roughly give you around 6g of protein. Goat’s cheese also promotes nutrient absorption and is low in carbs so top on your Protein Bread co. pizza for a high protein boost.


One cup of edamame contains around 18g of protein - who would have thought those little beans would pack such a high amount of protein. Add into salads for a protein boost or smash with peas and mint to create a zesty hummus dip.

Sundried Tomatoes

Perhaps not an obvious one, 100g of sun dried tomatoes contains around 11g of protein. They are the perfect addition to salads, salsas or as a pizza topping. You could even make a sun dried tomato pesto if you were feeling really fancy!

Chia Seeds

Packed with healthy fats and rich in antioxidants, chia seeds contain roughly 5g of protein in a 30g serving. Sprinkle on top of salads or on top of your protein shake to add a good crunch, these are easy to incorporate into our diets.

Chobani Greek Yoghurt

A quick and stress free protein snack to find in the supermarkets, Chobani yoghurts pack 13g into their small pots. Available in many flavours, these are always my supermarket go to for a protein packed snack when I’m in a rush or need an after dinner dessert (which is every night!) The coconut flavour is my favourite, closely followed by the lemon – and keep out for the seasonal special flavours.


Whole milk contains most nutrients required by our human bodies so may be an obvious one. Growing up I was always told to drink a glass to get my calcium in but now, I think about drinking a glass to get my protein in. 1 cup of whole milk contains around 8g of protein. Sadly other types of milk like almond contain a lot less protein (1g per glass) and almond milk doesn’t have the calcium benefits of whole milk. The Complete Dairy milk has 15g Protein per 250ml

Pumpkin Seeds

Also known as 'Pepitas' per 30g have 7.4g protein. They are also incredibly high in many nutrients, including iron, magnesium and zinc. These are great to sprinkle into salads or in your next loaf of Protein Bread
Low Carb Christmas - Healthy Alternatives


If you didn’t think you could have a guilt free pizza that tastes good and is high in carbs – you’re wrong. A Protein Bread Co. Pizza Base Mix has, in one 12 inch pizza serving, a whopping 50g of complete protein (and only 5g of carbs)! For high protein pizza toppings click here


Did you know that in just one egg, you can get 6g of protein? Also low in carbs eggs are one of the most versatile foods out there. They contain vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and can be put onto almost anything. Add eggs onto a slice of protein bread Co multigrain bread for the ultimate high protein breakfast.


Again, although high in carbs, oats contain a high amount of protein too. In half a cup of oats, you’ll get around 13g of protein. Try my carrot cake protein zoats recipe here for my take on low carb porridge.


Best served with crudités or protein bread co nachos, hummus delivers around 6g of protein per half a cup. Avoid shop bought varieties with unknown ingredients that you can’t say, or make your own – it’s so easy and hummus is a healthy snack on the go.


We all know that fish is good for us and a great source of omega 3 that should be incorporated into the diet on a weekly basis, but halibut specifically is a fish that stands out. When we think of high protein fish we are often drawn firstly to tuna, but halibut provides us with more than 22g of protein in a 100g serving. Also low in carbs, it’s one to add onto your weekly shopping list.

Pork Loin

Not often thought of as the ‘healthiest’ of meats, a pork loin can provide over 28g of protein in a 100g serving. Lean pork, with fat removed, is satisfying and nutrient dense and also contains amino acids. Relatively low in calories too, it’s one to consider for your next winter roast dinner.

Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

One for the warmer weather or as an after dinner treat, combine 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder with a can of full fat coconut milk, pop into ice pop moulds and set in the freezer. With over 23g of protein in one scoop of protein powder, this recipe will definitely have you feeling satisfied.

Ice Cream

A recent discovery of mine was ‘Halo Top’ ice cream, which contains 20g of protein per pint! I tried the Birthday Cake flavour and it was amazing! It felt very indulgent but with such high protein content and low calories, I’ll be working my way through all of the flavours
High protein and low carb jumbo cookies


If you love cookies like me, you should try making one of our many cookie recipes herewhich are great for on the go and pack between 6-15g of protein into a serving depending on which cookie recipe you go for.

Brussels Sprouts

Being English, Brussels sprouts are one of the most British ingredients on my Christmas Dinner plate. Eaten only in winter time in the UK, I was pleasantly surprised to see Brussels here in the middle of June! Best served (in my opinion), roasted, these little sprouts make up a complete protein. They have about 3.5g of protein per 100g serving which may not seem like a lot, but is a decent serving for a vegetable.


You can’t beat a corn on the cob, fresh of the BBQ. With slightly less protein in a small corn than Brussels sprouts, corn is best served fresh as this is when you get the most nutrients (compared to tinned). It’s also not a complete source of protein so team it with something like lentils to get a complete serving of protein in your portion.


Pastrami is a lean meat, often made from beef but you can also get a turkey variety. Most of its calories are protein and it can be a low carb sandwich filler that is a complete source of protein. In 100g of pastrami you get 22g of protein.

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