We all know that sauces can make or break the dinner you have been thinking about all day. When you’re hungry (or perhaps ‘hangry’), it’s good to have a bank of recipes to rely on to spice up a mid-week meal.  Unfortunately, many shop bought sauces and dips that we think may be healthy are packed with additives and sugars that can turn a healthy meal into something full of unnecessary calories.

With fresh and simple ingredients, there are many ways in which we can enhance a dinner and make it more nutritious and flavorsome. These five ideas will take any meal from a 6 to a 10/10.

5 High Protein Sauce Ideas

1. Peanut Butter Satay Sauce

2.8g Carbs, 7.4g Protein per 30g serving

Peanut butter is one of the most versatile ingredients in most of our cupboards, and although good in moderation, it can be easy to overindulge (it just tastes so good!). A simple satay sauce recipe is a great way to curb PB cravings and is perfect in a veg packed stir fry or used as a dipping sauce to veggie sticks or rice paper rolls. Simply stir in a mug 1 heaped tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of Soy or Tamari, 2 tablespoons of water and chilli flakes. Microwave for 30 seconds and add an extra tablespoon of water.  


  • High in protein due to the nut content
  • High in natural fats
Cottage Cheese and Chive

2. Cottage Cheese and Chive Dipping Sauce

3.5g Carbs, 13.1g Protein per 100g

Cottage cheese is one of the most underrated protein sources in the dairy aisle and can be ‘pimped’ with a few simple ingredients. My favourite way to enjoy cottage cheese is to simply add some chives, minced garlic and lemon juice together with a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well. This high protein dip can be used as a great spread under a couple of poached eggs on a slice of Protein Bread, as a dip to veggie sticks or nachos.


  • Very high in protein
  • Low carb and low fat
  • Super quick and easy to make
  • Slow digesting protein which releases energy slowly
Greek Yoghurt and Mint Dipping Sauce

3. Chobani Greek Yoghurt and Mint Dipping Sauce/Marinade

4.2g Carbs, 9.7g Protein per 100g

Greek yoghurt is one of those versatile foods that can be used as a sweet or savoury ingredient. Greek yoghurt has twice the protein of normal yoghurts and contains lots of probiotic cultures which are good for gut health. Simply combine it with lemon juice, garlic, chopped fresh mint and a pinch of cumin to create a sauce which is great as a meat marinade (on chicken skewers is always a winner) or over baked salmon.


  • High in protein
  • Good source of vitamins, calcium, zinc and potassium
Healthy Carbonara Sauce

4. Healthy Carbonara Sauce

17.5g Protein, 2.8g Carbs per 100g
There’s nothing like a comforting carbonara, especially as the weather begins to cool. Carbonara isn’t always viewed as the healthiest sauce as it is usually made with lots of cream, however we have found a way (where there’s a will there’s a way!) to make our own healthy version which has over half the fat and calories and a higher protein content. By combining two eggs, 50g Greek yoghurt, a splash of milk and a sprinkling of parmesan, you will create a high protein version. This is great to use with the addition of chicken/lean bacon and zucchini ‘pasta’.


  • High in protein due to the eggs
  • Good source of vitamins calcium, zinc and potassium from the Greek yoghurt
Chocolate Protein Mousse

5. Chocolate Protein Mousse Dip

30g protein, 6g carbs

As all of the sauces so far have been savoury, it wouldn’t be fair to not include a delicious sweet(er) dip that is perfect to have as a dessert or to curb sugar cravings. Simply whisk a handful of frozen fruit (blueberries and raspberries are recommended), 50ml milk of your choice and a scoop of chocolate protein powder until fluffy. The mixture will turn into a mousse which is perfect to dip strawberries into, or just to enjoy on its own.

Give it a go! The perfect topping for your next stack of Protein Pancakes!


  • High in protein
  • Natural sugars from the berries

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