Raspberry Choc Chip Mug Cake

Indulge in a low-carb treat - Raspberry Choc Chip Mug Cake!

Mug Cakes are so comforting and convenient! No need to make a full batch of cakes to satisfy a sweet craving. Cakes & Puddings for one make indulging in a sweet treat so much easier! One pack will give you 10 mug cakes!

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  • Prep 5 MINS
  • Cook 2 MINS
  • Yields 1


 30g Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix

 10g Sugar Free Choc Chips

 20ml milk of choice

 10g butter

 10g desiccated coconut

 20g frozen or fresh raspberries

Notes on cooking in Microwaves

 Microwave times may vary, depending on the wattage of your microwave oven. We used a 720-watt microwave set at P-60. We chose the cooking setting based on a pudding or custard.


1 In a large mug whisk the cake mix, coconut, melted butter and milk together.

2 Add in the raspberries & choc chips and fold through evenly.

3 Cook in microwave for 2 minutes at 720 Watts (P-60 - which is a medium to low setting)

4 Once cooked, remove from microwave and enjoy! - Add a dollop of cream (optional bit of indulgence)

Keep the cake batter base the same and change up the additions.

Berries, Cherries, White Chocolate, M&M's, Funfetti, sprinkles, coconut, Popping a square of dark chocolate in the centre to make a self-saucing pudding.


Serving size91.2g
Energy271 Cal (1,134 Kj)
Fat, total19g
- Saturated fat12.6g
Carbohydrate, total8.6g
- Sugar2.7g

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