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Double Protein Waffle Stack

A LowER carb breakfast option. This Double Protein Waffle Stack packs a whopping 32g protein and still come under 10g carbs per serve.

1 serve

(30g or 2oz) Protein Pancake Mix 80g (1/2 tub) Yopro Greek Yoghurt 15g (1/2 scoop) Choc Honey Comb Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein 25g Banana 1 egg 50ml (1/4 cup) milk of choice (we use unsweetened almond milk)

Pre-heat your waffle maker until the light indicates it’s ready. Combine all the ingredients (pancake mix, egg and milk) in a bowl and using a whisk or fork, mix thoroughly Lightly spray both top and bottom plates of the waffle maker with oil Using a large spoon, spoon the mixture into the bottom waffle plate until the mixture is just covering the raised nobs Close the waffle maker lid and cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown Mix Protein Powder and Yoghurt until combined while waffle is cooking. Top Waffles with Protein Yoghurt, Banana. Note - In the video Luke used a full scoop of protein, feel free to adjust to your own protein needs. Macro's calculated on 1/2 scoop as per recipe