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Article: Margherita Protein Pizza

Margherita Protein Pizza - PBCo.

Margherita Protein Pizza

Sometimes you can't beat an old school classic like a Margherita Pizza. No need to head out for one, simply make it yourself and have it ready in under 15 mins. Quicker than Dominos!

2 serves. 1/2 a Pizza is serve.

1 ready-made Protein Pizza Base 1 sachet (50g) of Leggo's Pizza sauce ( we used the herb and garlic flavour) 40g shredded Pizza blend cheese (we used Coles brand) A small tub (120g) bocconcini cheese 1/2 punnet (125g) cherry tomatoes, halved.

Preheat your oven to 230 degrees Take your ready-made Protein Pizza base and top with the pizza sauce, sprinkle cheese and add your bocconcini and tomato and basil. Place on top of the rack in the oven (for best results) or Pizza stone. Bake for 4-8 minutes. Check frequently, as pizza temps vary. Enjoy!! 😍 🍕

Plan on eating the whole lot? If so check the macros here: Cals 934 | Carbs: 26g Fat: 46g SatFats: 21g Protein: 85g


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Pepperoni Protein Pizza - PBCo.

Pepperoni Protein Pizza

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Vegetarian Protein Pizza - PBCo.

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