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YoPRO Protein Yoghurt by Danone // Product Review

I've been looking for something like this for a while. I've tried what seems like hundreds of different low sugar yoghurts and finally I've found one that tastes pretty alright!!! Introducing YoPRO Protein Yoghurt. Fruit yoghurts have copped a lot of bad press in recent years and it's little wonder why. Some varieties available in major supermarkets in Australia have over 42g of sugar per pot – that's over 10 teaspoons! There's been a huge number of new reduced sugar or "no added sugar" yoghurts hitting the shelves recently and it's fantastic to see. Some are great, the majority, not so much.

What are the ingredients and nutrition of YoPRO Protein Yoghurt?

The front of the pack proudly claims; ✅ 0 Added Sugar ✅ 0 Artificial Sweeteners ✅ High in Natural Protein Nothing too out of the ordinary there. Keeping it nice and simple. Good to see.

YoPRO Protein Yoghurt – Vanilla Ingredients

Fresh milk, water, rice starch, enzyme (lactase), lemon pulp, natural flavours, live yoghurt cultures (Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus), stevia leaf extract, vanilla bean (0.012%), sea salt, natural colour (caramel), milk minerals
Taken from 18/01/18 I absolutely love this ingredient listing. It's so refreshing to see a company allowing yoghurt to be just yoghurt. There's so little in the ingredients that even needs explaining, just two things that everyone might not know. "enzyme (lactase)" This is often added to yoghurt to help with digestion. Lactase, which occurs naturally in your body, can survive the acid in your stomach and make it through to your small intestine to then help break down the lactose in the yoghurt, which helps reduce the effect it can have on people with a minor lactose intolerance. Just giving your guts a little helping hand. You can read more about lactose and lactase in yoghurt in this article. "stevia leaf extract" This one you're probably all aware of by now. Stevia is a plant which has garnered a tonne of attention for it's properties of being about 300x sweeter than sugar, yet having little or no caloric value. Damn nature, you fine. Despite being incredibly sweet, stevia itself is incredibly bitter which is why you usually see it paired with the sugar alcohol erythritol to help balance it out. This is what makes up natural sweeteners like Natvia. Pretty damn good ingredients if you ask me.

YoPRO Protein Yoghurt – Vanilla Nutrition

YoPRO Protein Yoghurt Nutrition ✅ 15.2g Protein ✅ 0.3g Fat ✅ 7.4g Carbs (6.1g being Sugar)

So what could be better?

More fat. There. I said it. I don't know if YoPRO have done it but most of these low sugar yoghurts also use skim milk for some reason. There's might be a technical reason but I can't help but feel it's to be able to make a low fat claim. Some people want that. But not me. I struggle to get enough calories in during the day with my maintenance calories being around 3500/day and more often than not I top out at 2000 which leaves me in a massive deficit. It's important to me that every meal I eat including snacks, has enough calories in it. Now that's obviously not going to be the same for everyone so it's not a diss on the product at all. I'd just love a full fat option too – for calories and taste :)

What other flavours are there?

YoPRO have got a decent range of flavours and yes, I have tried them all. The fruit ones are obviously higher in carbs due to the fructose in fruit and are delicious, but contain about a huge portion of my carb intake in just 1 serve so the Vanilla and Plain have become my go-to's. YoPRO Yoghurt Flavours Taken from 18/01/18

How do they taste?

Pretty damn good. I'll talk specifically about the vanilla flavour here, but they all have very similar traits. The YoPRO Protein Yoghurt Vanilla flavour has a nice creamy texture, not dry or pasty like some of the other brands and has just a mild sweetness which is perfect if you don't have a sweet tooth, like me.

Did it deliver on it's promise?

Absolutely. There's nothing quite like being pleasantly surprised by a product and that's exactly what's happened here. YoPRO have delivered everything they've promised on the pack and more. It's a big thumbs up from me ?. Luke Hopkins tucking into a YoPRO Vanilla Protein Yoghurt

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