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Article: Which Low Carb Fruits & Vegetables are in season in April

Which Low Carb Fruits & Vegetables are in season in April - PBCo.

Which Low Carb Fruits & Vegetables are in season in April

Know ahead of time before picking up your weekly groceries by checking out what low carb fruit and vegetables are at their best in April

Low Carb Vegetables in Season in April

green beans

Green Beans

2.7 g carbs / 100g

Green beans are a delicious fresh snack or can be used in a tonne of different dishes from salads, to stir fry’s, stews and more.

Capsicum Green


2.5 g carbs / 100g

We’ve specified the green variety of capsicum as it’s generally lower in carb than the red or orange varieties which are usually much sweeter.

Don’t be afraid of them though, the red capsicums only contain 3.5 g of carbs per 100g so are still very low carb and delicious!

Capsicum Green

Bok Choy

1.6 g carbs / 100g

What’s a stir-fry without Bok Choy!

This vegetable is also known as Chinese Cabbage and makes an absolutely delicious addition to any stir fry and is a great way to get more of that delicious stir-fry flavours into your mouth at once.

It’s a very light textured and flavoured vegetable due to its high water content. That doesn’t mean it’s not high in nutrients though, with a good dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.



0.4g carbs / 100g

The staple of body-builders all across the world, and for good reason! This amazing vegetable is delicious, nutritious, and super low carb. It’s almost always in my fridge ready to add to any dish that needs some green added to it.

Hot Tip: If your broccoli is looking a little sad and wilted, don’t throw it away, chop it up into pieces and put it in a bowl of iced water and in the fridge for half an hour or so. It will come out looking better than the day you bought it!

Looking for a different way to eat those greens? Check out our delicious Low Carb Cheesy, Broccoli & Bacon Savoury Muffin recipe here.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

2.1 g carbs / 100g

The vegetable everyone loves to hate. Whilst these were probably forced upon you as a child and you’ve hated them ever since you really shouldn’t. Brussels sprouts are really low in carbs and packed full of nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin K, and moderate amounts of folic acid and vitamin B6.

Whilst on their own they leave a lot to be desired for, sautéed in a frying pan with oodles of butter, garlic and even bacon, these little miniature cabbages really come into their own.

If you haven’t had these since you were a kid, it’s probably time to give them another chance.


1.4 g carbs / 100g

Super low in calories and high in fibre. Okra isn't super popular but is very tasty. Fry it up with different herbs and a touch of butter. Delish!



2.3 g carbs / 100g

The superfood poster-child of 2014 and favourite of beard-toting hipsters everywhere. This nutrient-dense leafy vegetable is very low in carbs and incredibly high in beta-carotene, vitamin K and vitamin C. It’s also a good source of calcium and carotenoids.

If you’re still wondering how to make a delicious meal out of this vegetable, check out this great list of kale recipes on



2.4 g carbs / 100g

A great low carb substitute for lasagne sheets and also can be stuffed and baked. If you ever come across the pickled version in a jar, give them a go, they are soo good. ?



1.8 g carbs / 100g

These are such an under-rated food. They’re cheap to buy, contain a heap of great nutrients, taste amazing and are easy to cook with. What more could you want! Eaten raw or cooked.

When you buy your leeks, make sure to give them a good wash as dirt can sometimes get into the inner leaves which might give your dish an unsatisfactory ‘crunch’ (speaking from experience).


0.3 g carbs / 100g

SUPER low in carbs and packed full of goodies. They are awesome any time of day. Cooked in a touch of butter and served as a brekkie side, or added to your favourite bolognese or pizza!



1.9 g carbs / 100g

These an amazingly under-rated vegetable. They’re incredibly low in carbs despite having a rich creamy texture, and potato-like flavour.

They’re super delicious in a cheesy cauliflower bake, roasted and mashed as an incredible low-carb mashed potato-like dish or even used to make a Low Carb Fried Rice! (check out the recipe here)

The perfect winter vegetable.


3.2 g carbs / 100g

These are great for salads and soups. You can use them in most recipes that call for onions.

Swiss Chard

1.1 g carbs / 100g

It is similar to spinach but has a stronger flavour. Also known as Silverbeet. This is great in soups or wilted down with garlic and olive oil.

Spinach and Silverbeet

0.7-1.1g carbs / 100g

I popped these all together as are used in similar ways to each other, although you use raw baby spinach leaves in a salad



3.4g carbs / 100g

The turnip is very similar to the Swede, but with white flesh instead of yellow. The turnip was the staple vegetable of Europe before the potato came along, so it can’t be too bad!

When shopping, pick the younger, smaller turnips as these have a sweeter and more delicate flavour. Their beautiful white and purple skin will look really good on your Instagram pictures 🙂


0.8g carbs / 100g

If you are like me, you may have only come across watercress used in a soup in the Roald Dahl book The Witches. However, it is also used in salads. Make sure you remove the thick stem before mixing in with your other greens.


1.6 g carbs / 100g

The Zoodle craze has put zucchini in the spotlight for low carbers, used as a low carb pasta/ noodle substitute. They are also a great addition to stir-fries, grilled, or added to a bolognese.

Fruits in Season in April


0.6g Avocado carbs / 100g

Yep, it's a fruit. Although mostly used in savoury dishes. Packed full of goodness and yummy on Protein Toast. 😋


3.5 g carbs / 100g

Guavas are a tropical fruit that comes in white or pink. When they are pink, they are at their best.

Finger Limes

1.3g carbs / 100g

I've not tried these myself, but according to Google, you would use them anywhere you would use lime. Most sites recommend on seafood. Here is a video showing how to squeeze out the citrus 'caviar'


9.8 g carbs / 100g

A little on the higher side, but Pears are a great source of fibre and work really well in salads. Also great in baking.



1.2 g carbs / 100g

Great addition to salads, baking, cocktails or simply sparkling water. Also squeezed over a tasty curry or grilled seafood.


9g carbs / 100g

1 medium mandarin has approx 5g carbs. A great low carb option when you feel like something sweet that comes in its own packaging :D

Kiwi Fruit

8.6g carbs / 100g

Another great grab and go snack fruit option. Simply cut in half and scoop out the inside with a spoon. High in Vitamin C.


5.7 carbs / 100g

Passionfruit are tasty as they are, but can be used in cocktails (yes, please!), baking and just mixed through yoghurt or cream.

Carbs per 100g serve (Food Standards Australia New Zealand)


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