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Article: When Do I Know If I’m In Ketosis?

When Do I Know If I’m In Ketosis? - PBCo.

When Do I Know If I’m In Ketosis?

Those on a Keto diet eat foods high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs in order to get the process of Ketosis to kick into place. When Do I Know If I’m In Ketosis? Ketosis occurs when you stop burning carbs as fuel and you start burning ‘ketones’. Click here to read more about the process Ketosis. One of the major benefits of ketosis is that is helps us to burn fat and therefore lose weight. Unfortunately there is no red light which flashes to tell us that are our bodies are in Ketosis (wouldn’t this be handy). There are kits which you can supposedly purchase in the chemist which indicate if your body is in Ketosis, but how reliable these are I am not sure. The natural way to test is to look out for signs and symptoms which can give us clues:

Bad Breath

Acetone, a ketone that is found in our urine and breath is more prevalent on the Ketone Diet because the levels of it in our bodies are higher. It can be unpleasant and leave a nasty taste in your mouth which some describe to be fruity or a metal-like taste.

Strong Smelling Urine

Again, because the levels of acetone in your body are increased as above, it is likely that you will notice in increase in the smell of your urine. It can appear to be more pungent than normal.

Decrease in Appetite

When in Ketosis, it isn’t uncommon to feel less hungry than normal. The scientific reasons behind this are unknown, but it could be due to the increase in protein and fibers from the vegetables that you may be eating. The body’s hormone levels are also likely to undergo a change whilst on this diet as your body can better regulate your hormones which tell your body when you’re hungry. When you over eat and fill up on carbs, your brain ignores the hormone which is often why you feel like your stomach is an empty pit! Therefore on the Keto Diet your body is more in tune with when you are and aren’t hungry.

Increase in Thirst

When you’re on a low carb diet like the Keto Diet it can leave you feeling very thirsty - this is because it takes a large amount of water from your body to convert glycogen into glucose for energy. Your also likely to be urinating more frequently so will need to keep replenishing the water in your body.

Weight Loss

Possibly the most obvious one on the list and a sure sign to know that you are in Ketosis is weight loss. When you first switch to the Keto Diet, if you’re not eating low carb already, then it is likely that you will notice significant weight loss. Much of this initial weight loss will be because your body is able to get rid of the water that was being held on to by your fat cells. Once your body has got rid of this water, you should still be dropping weight if you stick to the Keto diet. In conclusion, when your body goes into Ketosis you may experience some of the above symptoms. Our bodies are however all different and how one person feels may be completely different to how someone else feels and what symptoms/signs they get. For me, if you feel good on the inside, that’s what is important.

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