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The Best Low Carb Noodles & Pasta

Typically on a Low Carb Diet, you expect that Noodles & Pasta are off limits....Until now!

Whilst we know that these aren't like for like to real pasta, I do think these are great substitutes for low carbers pasta/ noodle fix. I especially love the black bean pasta range.

Our criteria - 5g carbs or less per 100g

Updated March 2021

The Lowest Carb Noodle or Pasta is...

Slendier Noodles

Slendier Noodles - Made with Konjac Front of Pack
Slendier Pasta - Made with Konjac Front of Pack
Slendier Noodles - Made with Konjac Back of Pack
Slendier Pasta - Made with Konjac Back of Pack


Purified Water, Konjac Flour (5%)

Carbs per 100g: less than 1g


  • They are all made from Konjac which is an Asian plant. It's really high in fibre but contains virtually zero Kj's or Carbs.
  • With all Slendier Konjac products - all you need to do is open the packet and rinse under warm water THOROUGHLY and pat dry with a paper towel, then add your favourite toppings. :)
  • Slendier Noodles are all available in the Gluten-Free/Health Food Section of the supermarket.

Changs Super Lo-Cal Wok-ready noodles

Chang's Traditional Noodles - Low Cal Front of Pack
Chang's Traditional Noodles - Low Cal Back of Pack


Konjac Root extract, Water & Stabiliser (526)

Carbs per 100g: less than 1g


  • A very similar product to Slendier
  • These Changs Super Lo-Cal Noodles are in the Asian section of the supermarket.
  • The same tip as above for Slendier - rinse well and pat dry before adding toppings.

Bean Sprouts

Ingredients: Bean Sprouts

Carbs per 100g: less than 1g Carbs and only 80kj's


  • Ok, it's not a noodle or pasta BUT...It works!! This is probably one of the easiest options for a noodle replacement.
  • Simply buy a bag of these from the fridge at the supermarket or fruit & veg shop - plate up and top with your favourite stir fry or pasta sauce.
  • The hot topping slightly wilts the bean sprouts turning them into noodles.

Zoodles - Zucchini Noodles



Carbs per 100g: 2g


  • 100% Natural
  • There are heaps of special gadgets you can get to make Zucchini Pasta/Noodles now - but this is the simplest! You can purchase Julienne Peelers at most supermarkets/department stores. Simply run the peeler down the side of the Zucchini and it will form thin spaghetti-like strips. You can blanch the Zucchini as per instructions in our Non-Recipe Book - or lightly stir fry with some olive oil.
  • Once you pop your favourite stir fry or pasta sauce on it you can hardly taste the difference.
  • Woolworths and Coles also offer a ready-made version of these, found in the Fresh Food area in the store.

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Slendier Range of Bean Pasta

Slendier Edamame Spaghetti Front of Pack
Slendier Soy Bean Fettuccine Front of Pack
Slendier Black Bean Fettuccine Front of Pack.
Slendier Black Bean Spaghetti Front of Pack.
Slendier Edamame Spaghetti Back of Pack
Slendier Soy Bean Fettuccine Back of Pack
Slendier Black Bean Fettuccine Back of Pack.
Slendier Black Bean Spaghetti Back of Pack.


  • Soybean & Water
  • Blackbean Flour & water
  • Edamame Bean Flour & Water

Carbs per 100g: 3-4


  • Just water and the legume flour, great simple ingredients and a great source of fibre!
  • If you are avoiding soy, then you may skip those and go for the black bean.
  • A great pasta alternative that has a better texture than the konjac noodles.
  • These were found in Coles.

Spaghetti Squash


Spaghetti Squash Vegetable

Carbs per 100g: 7g


  • I know it's over the 5g but I thought I'd still give it a mention as it's just a vegetable and all-natural! Not sure how easy it is to get in Australia, but we see this in a lot of low carb recipes from the US.

Baking Instructions:

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Brush the inside of each half with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place cut sides down on a baking sheet and put the sheet into the oven. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until you can easily pierce the squash with a fork. Remove from oven and scoop the flesh out with a fork. It will be all stringy like Spaghetti! Top with your favourite pasta sauce.

**Please note information was accurate at the time of collecting. If changes are made to the brand (packaging or nutrition) within our updates, please refer to their website. Changes may occur regarding their availability, please check with your local supermarket for more info.

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