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Article: The 4 Basic Things You Need to Know About a Low Carb Lifestyle

The 4 Basic Things You Need to Know About a Low Carb Lifestyle - PBCo.

The 4 Basic Things You Need to Know About a Low Carb Lifestyle

We talk a lot about carbs here and a low carb lifestyle - but why do we choose to follow this and what benefits does it have?

1) It's not as hard as you think

It sounds complicated and difficult, but really the basics of a low carb diet are protein, fats, low sugar fruits and non-starchy veggies. If you focus your meal on this, then you're doing well.

There are also now plenty of swaps for high carb foods, e.g Protein Bread instead of regular bread, Slendier noodles/ pasta instead of pasta, cauliflower rice instead of rice. For more great swap ideas, click here

Check out our product review of the best low carb noodle & pasta options:

2) There are SO many reasons why it's beneficial

There are so many fad diets that come in and out of fashion. They are hard to follow, often expensive and only leave you feeling hungry and irritable.

The reason low carb is different is that it's easy, it lasts and you genuinely feel better at the end.

Here's what Anna has said about the 21 Day Low Carb Challenge she gave herself:

  • I have more energy than every before. I NEVER get that afternoon slump, and I can now stay awake past 8pm. (All my friends will know what an achievement this is!)
  • I bounce out of bed with a positive, crystal clear mind – no Snooze
  • I lost 4kg of body fat
  • I feel stronger, leaner and more toned
  • I’m happier with my body than I have ever been
  • My skin is clear and radiant
  • I DON’T crave sweets anymore
  • I DO crave green veggies, salads and lean protein
  • I am happy, confident and so focused on my goals – in all areas of my life.

3) Your body prefers to use Carbs for energy rather than Body Fat

Our bodies are actually quite smart (and lazy!) It’s much easier for them to convert carbs to an energy source rather than convert body fat.

If we have less carbs in our system, our body will have to use body fat to process into energy - which is why a low carb diet is so helpful for weight loss.

It's an easier way to get yourself into a calorie deficit without having to count too much. Eating a diet that is mostly whole foods filled with vegetables, some fruit, nuts, legumes, protein and dairy is bound to better for you and help with weight loss, right?

4) You don’t have to eat 20g carbs or less for the benefits!

When you hear low carb most people think NO Carbs or Keto, and that isn’t the case.

Low Carb can be 150g carbs or less for some and you can still feel amazing. Everybody is different and you can match it to what works for you.

I choose to eat mostly whole foods like veggies, dairy, some fruit, proteins and nuts and seeds 90% of the time, I feel my best when I eat this way, this helps me easily maintain my weight and have more energy. The remaining 10% is for living (pasta... hot chips I'm looking at you!)😂🤓

A little note from the team:

We understand that Low Carb means something different to everyone.

Some people may be trying to achieve less than 20g carbs per day, and be more focused on Keto, and some others may simply be trying to reduce the amount of sugar and carbs in their diet. We have a zero judgement policy, meaning that we respect that everyone is different, has a different lifestyle and different goals. If you are striving to reduce the carbs in your diet, by however much, we are here to help & support you x


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