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Article: The Protein Bread Co. gets overwhelming response from Mother’s Day Campaign

The Protein Bread Co. gets overwhelming response from Mother’s Day Campaign - PBCo.

The Protein Bread Co. gets overwhelming response from Mother’s Day Campaign

Earlier this month we launched our Mother’s Day Campaign where we asked our customers "What they got from their Mumma.” The response? An overwhelming number of sons and daughters thanking their mums for passing on their best qualities. For many, Mother’s Day offers time for reflection and can provoke mixed emotions - gratefulness, understanding, pain of a loss - but overwhelmingly, a celebration of love. Have a read of some of the entries below and you’ll be hard pushed not to think about your own mum or the female figure in your own life.

We asked "Tell us what you got from your Mumma”. You answered:

"Definitely my independence! I cannot thank my Mumma enough for teaching me to "be me". I wish she was around for my scrumptious muffins on Mother's Day! She'd be shocked I could bake" - Narelle
"Her beautiful, positive attitude and her never-ending perseverance and selflessness. I'm not quite there yet but I hope to be as incredible as she is one day!" - Deb
"My mother passed onto me, her kind soul and willingness to heal the broken. She gave me her hardworking nature and ability to dream big. But mostly she gave me a best friend that I will have forever." - Leanna
"My strength and resilience. Something I wouldn't trade for anything. It's made me who I am and helped me bring my own children into the world. I see it in my daughter, and try to foster it, just like my mum did." - Georgie
"My mumma taught me to be a fiercely loving and protective mumma to my own children.....thank you mum, you went through so much but you were always their for us" - Shannon
"The best life and family possible! She adopted me as a 10 month old orphan from South Korea and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me! I got a chance at a wonderful, loving life. Forever grateful!" - Mia
"I got from Mum her hospitality and generosity. That all are welcome around our table no matter who you are or where you have come from. She taught me how to make a simple meal go further should you get an unexpected visitor for dinner. Loving people with good food." - Trish
"The greatest gift of all, life! She taught me to live, love and laugh. To always push harder, go on adventures, strive for greatness and prove that women can have it all." - Amanda
"My mum gave me the strength of 10 armies! I notice more and more the older get, the more I reflective I am. She is the strongest person I know." - Belinda
"From all of the love and kindness she's provided me, she's also given me her big heart, and I love her for that." - Jess
"Was the saying "if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well". I have applied this to everything I have ever done in my life whether it be from cleaning the house to practising the piano so hard that I had the opportunity to play at the Sydney Opera House." - Susan
"I got my Mumma's humbleness. She was the best person and everybody loved her. I was so very fortunate to have had her as my Mumma." - Karyn
"I got her amazing caring personality! If I can raise my children how my mother raised me I'll die a happy woman" - Chanelle
"Respect for others. I will always remember her saying to me 'I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet' . Has always stuck by me and has taught me to always know that others have journeys that we don't always see." - Kerry
"My mother has an amazing capacity to love, above all else that is what stands out of my memories with her. What I have inherited from my Mumma (I hope) is to pass on this love to my children." - Betty
"A sense of self...When you get knocked down, you get back up, dust yourself off … and get on with it." - Kerrie
However you plan to celebrate Mother's Day this year - breakfast in bed, flowers or a hand-written card, take the time to appreciate motherhood and thank your mother and the mother figures in your life. If you want to get involved and tell us what you got from your 'mumma', you will also go in the running to win a SMEG 2 Slice Toaster and Kettle for your mum. Simply purchase Protein Pancakes during the month of April and you'll be directed to the link to enter.

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