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Low Carb Work Space

Where we work is now where we spend most of our day. It can also be the place where we feel the most stressed, tired, or both and these feelings can at times affect our decisions around our food choices.

Tips to help tweak your workplace to support your low carb lifestyle.

  • Keep healthy options in your work drawer. These are back up items, fresh is always best. But in case you need something, try these: - Portioned out bags of nuts, small tins of tuna, low carb protein bars (mini sizes)
  • Bring low carb leftovers to work for lunch.+ add a packet of single serves frozen vege’s/ pre-washed salad bags or containers from Coles/ Woolies to bump up the bulk. For more great Low Carb recipes click here
  • Cook up an extra serve at dinner to become tomorrow's lunch.
  • If it is someone's birthday or farewell, offer to make the cake using Our Low Carb mixes.
  • Buying Lunch? - Pre-washed salads that are ready to go + can of Tuna, 1/4 BBQ Chicken or cheese.
  • Get a low carb loving food buddy. If there is someone that shares your love for eating low carb, see if they are keen on sharing the lunch load with you. Gives you a chance to try new recipes and you can get a break from cooking. :D
  • Try your best to eat away from your desk. Go to the office kitchen, or go sit outside. Give yourself at least 20mins (where you can, i know we are busy) - so you can enjoy your food, take your time and not stare at a monitor while you eat your meal.

Do you travel for work?

I have some extra tips to help with hotel stays, car rides and short flights. :)

  • Where possible, contact the hotel ahead of time and ask them to clear the mini bar/ fridge. This way you will not be tempted by the extra’s they provide, and it gives you room to stock up on your low carb favourite.
  • Google the location and see if there are any supermarkets around where you will be staying, giving you an idea of what options you have.
  • Bake up a batch of Low Carb Cookies or Muffins ahead of time that you can take with you.
  • If flying - short trips, you may not require a meal (if it is not meal-time) - Grab a low carb protein bar or some nuts is an easy snack to travel with, don't forget your bottle of water :)
  • Travelling by car? - take a mini fridge bag with vegetable sticks, cheese, tins of tuna, bags of nuts - while not a big meal, perhaps it's just enough to get you between places. Your glove box is also a good place for cutlery, salt and pepper sachets and napkins (just like a drawer at work)

Do you work from home?

  • Create a designated space where you can eat, away from your workstation. This encourages mindfulness in your meals.
  • You could also pack your lunch as if you were leaving the home for work. This helps us with mindless eating, and portions. It also saves time and helps us be more productive.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's blog on creating a healthy low carb friendly work environment.

Stay tuned for next week, when we look at Food Courts and Takeaway's - handy for those of you who buy your lunches.

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Jo x

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