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Article: Gabi's Success Story in Spartan Racing

Gabi's Success Story in Spartan Racing - PBCo.

Gabi's Success Story in Spartan Racing

“Life is like Spartan racing, it’s a challenge. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses you just must use it to your advantage. When things get tough cope it and move on because the next challenge maybe easier than the last.”

Client: Gabi Day Age: 23 Sport: Obstacle Racer – Spartan Race

Having a background as an elite track athlete I have had many different coaches in the past. Some that over time I grew out of and others that weren’t providing me with the support and training that I required. When I was introduced to Spartan Race and Obstacle racing it was like nothing that I had ever done before. I was so used to running track or on trails it was extremely hard to fathom having to stop and do an obstacle and if you were to fail, 30 burpees would be the punishment.

However, with my sheer love for training and determination to succeed, I searched around trialling different coaches to train me. I had a couple of coaches who just sent me a generalised training programs, didn’t follow up and ultimately became demotivated. I was still failing many obstacles in races meaning I had an average of 150 burpees per race and my running speed wasn’t improving. I started to hate training and was slowly losing the passion to race. Each event I would go in knowing that I wouldn’t cope with all the burpees and it would be extremely hard.

However, after talking to a couple of people I was referred to Michael Meredith by a friend who believed that Michael would assist me to reach my goals of getting stronger, fitter, leaner, faster, decrease my burpees and fight for a spot on the Spartan Elite podium. With Michael’s program, as well as his persistence, accountability and effort that he put into me I was able to reach each of those goals in a short time frame. I have now placed 2nd and 3rd multiple times on the podium at Spartan Race. I have lost 4% body fat, gained my natural running ability back, decreased my burpees to an average of a max 90 per race and am loving training.

Needless to say, I still have a long way to go to reach my next set of goals of burpee free racing, and taking out 1st Place on that Spartan Race Podium and then maintaining that level. With Michaels’ program, I have no doubt that I will get there. He is a great coach as he listens to what I want, how I feel and makes adaptations to my individualised training. The training program is flexible and is tailored to suit individual’s needs, harnessing the strengths and working on the weaknesses. I have been with Michael for over 6 months and have no desire to leave his training program anytime soon.

If you are thinking of starting out in Spartan racing or have been racing for a while and you want to change your weaknesses into strengths Michael is the coach for you.

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