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Article: 5 Ways to get more Exercise in on a Work Day

5 Ways to get more Exercise in on a Work Day - PBCo.

5 Ways to get more Exercise in on a Work Day

With so many of us having super stationary desk jobs, getting enough movement in on a weekday can be challenging. Here are five tips from us at The Protein Bread Co for upping the exercise while at work. Bootcamp

5. Walking Meetings

For quick catch up meetings, our cofounder Luke suggests we debrief while going for a walk around the block - rather than getting up from our desks, only to sit again! I love this idea, and provided you don’t need to be taking notes, it also makes sense for when you’re taking longer business calls. The fresh air means you’ll head back to the office with a clearer head, too.

4. Pre-pay for your Exercise Class

I know if I’ve pre-booked and prepaid for a group exercise class after work (I use the MINDBODY class booking app on my iPhone), even if I don’t feel like it, I’ll show up! And I'm always so glad I did...I sleep better that night, for one. Having an afternoon workout date or walk, rather than a coffee or dinner date with a friend - when you’re expected to show up - is another way to make sure you get your blood flowing and more movement in, rather than just sitting at a restaurant!

3. Bootcamp with your Colleagues

Anna, Luke and Aaron from The PB Co signed up to Original Bootcamp’s most recent 8 Week Challenge - they go three times a week rain, hail or shine. Love hearing the stories of what their Sarge has been getting them up to while most of us are still sleeping! The three of them are in the office by 7.30 and have already worked out!

2. Take Public Transport

Okay so I know this is one you’ve heard over and over, but that’s because with so many of us sitting for pretty much eight hours straight on a work day, taking public transport really can make a difference when it comes to reaching the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 10,000 daily steps. PB Co’s Kaysie does an extra 30 minutes worth of walking each work day, taking a 10 minute walk there and back from the station, plus a 5 minute walk each way from her place. That means she’s already clocked up around 3,000 extra steps, while those of us who have driven into work have done zero! The walk and bus or train commute is also a great way to gather your thoughts at the start or end of the day, and perhaps to listen to the radio, your favourite tunes or podcast...a nice little morning ritual that beats sitting in backed up traffic, I’ll say.

1. Replace Friday Office Drinks with an Office Workout

Our cofounders are full of ideas to make the workplace a more active one, with Anna looking into the team doing office yoga every Friday afternoon; a fun and more chilled team building exercise that’s a great way to transition into the weekend. Looking forward to a much-needed stretch with this kind of Friday arvo happy hour! Any tips to add to the list?

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