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Protein For Dinner

You’re home from work, and you're starving, so how do you make something that is really satisfying? And how do you stay full until the morning? We all know there is nothing worse than going to bed hungry. Protein is a great addition to all meals to leave you feeling full and satisfied. But when you haven’t got long, it can be easy to default to something easy, that is not always fulfilling and may have you reaching for something else. Here are some ways to get protein into your dinner:

Make a protein pizza

Super satisfying and guilt free, protein pizzas are a winner. Protein Pizzas are ideal for a Friday night when you’re fancying something different and something that feels a little more indulgent (but actually isn’t). You can really max out your protein too by adding some high protein and healthy toppings. Read our article here for recommendations on pizza toppings. It may be hard to believe but one 12 inch pizza also packs 50g complete protein (and that’s without the protein from your toppings!)

Add protein to your meal

It might sound like an obvious one, but pre-cooking a batch of chicken breasts or some tofu in bulk is a great way to ensure you get your protein mid-week. It’s quick and easy to throw together an omelette or a salad, and if you have protein ready to go, you’ll be set. Lean meats and fish are a good way to ensure your hitting your protein goal in a meal.

Have staples in the cupboard

During your weekly food shop, grab extra tins of items such as tuna, beans and pulses, or frozen veggies that can be defrosted or added in to your meal at any time. Having these cupboard and freezer staples makes adding protein to your meal easy and ready to go at any time. If you want to know which veggies have the highest protein content in, click here

Make a high protein dressing

If you have a staple set of meals you tend to cook each week, why not mix them up and make a high protein dressing/sauce to make it a little bit differently? Click here for some recipe inspiration on high protein sauces/dressings. A good dressing/sauce can transform any meal from being dull to exciting and can also help to boost your daily protein intake.

Add some protein into your dessert

After your meal, if you’re still feeling hungry, I always opt for a high protein dessert. My favourite thing to do is to add half a scoop of protein (usually 15g) into a bowl of Greek yoghurt (200g) and whisk with a fork. This creates a protein style mousse. Add your favourite toppings like frozen fruit or a teaspoon of Peanut Butter.

In conclusion, adding protein into your dinner / dessert couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re making something from scratch or looking to for an easy option like the Protein Bread Co’s Pizza mix, there is always an easy option. Preparation and a few cupboard staples is really all you need.