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Our Albury Lupin Adventure with Lupins for Life

We recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend down in a place called Brocklesby, about 45 minutes drive north-west of Albury NSW. We were invited down by the amazing people behind Lupins for Life, our supplier of the top quality lupin flour and kibble we use in almost all of our products. They also run sheep for wool so we got to play with them too! It was a fantastic weekend, with adventures, laughs, and long discussions about the exciting future that we're laying out for both businesses, to the benefit of millions of consumers. There were so many great experiences had, but you really had to be there. So instead of telling a long-winded story, I thought I'd put together this photo gallery – after all, a picture tells 1,000 words as they say…
The stunning view from right outside the loungeroom in the morning. The golden sunlight and fresh country air was almost magical.
First job for the day: feeding the hundreds of sheep and lambs. There had been a few showers in recent weeks which had provided a nice green tinge to anything but hasn't been enough to create any substantial growth.
The next job: breakfast.
When there's a sheep that's got out of the paddock what do you do? You tell the new guy (me) to jump on the quad and go and get it. Mission accomplished.
Anna and Lily feeding the potty lambs.
Roger hard at work (or so he says) ? Someone has to supervise right?
Lunchtime! Anna had whipped up an absolutely delicious chilli cheese foccacia using 6 Australian Seed Protein Bread which we all thoroughly enjoyed. She had actually made two but the first one got devoured by Aaron and me on the 6-hour drive down from Sydney.
Serious discussions with Roger and Gary about something-or-other over lunch at the family table.
Gary was kind enough to demonstrate how they used to bail up sheep's wool after shearing. This was seriously hard work.
Time to sheer the old ewe I caught earlier. I have to hand it to Gary, he's a great teacher because I didn't completely mess it up on my first try! Big shout out to any shearers out there. It's a tough job!
Next was Aaron's turn.
To the victor go the spoils! Not the finest job, and I'm pretty sure we left more wool on the lamb than we took off, but not bad for a first attempt!
Listening to Gary talk us through the history of the farm was incredible. The breadth and depth of his knowledge were captivating and the words of wisdom, inspiring.
It really is beautiful in this part of the world.
Time to go and check out the lupin fields.
Gary was showing us and explaining the different growth patterns of the plant, and how the drought has effected it.
Just a cute picture of a lamb.
My niece Lily and I hanging out to give Mum a break.
Sunday morning and we had to say goodbye to head back home to Sydney. An absolutely fantastic adventure and weekend spent with amazing people.