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Article: Low Carb Supermarket

Low Carb Supermarket - PBCo.

Low Carb Supermarket

For those of us who still go to the supermarket versus online grocery shopping, this one’s for you :)

Whether it's your weekly shop or popping in to grab a few things. The Supermarket space can be a challenging space to be in. How many of us struggle with feeling hungry ½ way through the shop? Then all of a sudden foods that you normally wouldn’t look twice at, start looking appealing. Or going unprepared and winging it, which means going up every single aisle?

Side note: Who secretly shops at Coles just for the joy of Coles radio… songs ever! OK, now back to topic :D

Go-to tips to help make the weekly grocery shop a little easier:

  • Be prepared, write up and take a list of what you need.
  • Grocery shop after a meal, to avoid feeling hungry while shopping.
  • Google search for your favourite 'low carb' brands, before hitting the store. That way you know exactly what to look for.
  • Take a low carb snack with you e.g. a ziplock bag of nuts or a low carb protein bar. If you are unable to eat beforehand.
  • Fill your trolley with fresh foods first, as you fill your trolley, this leaves less and less room for foods that don’t really need to be in there.
  • Know your aisles, and stick to them. If you frequent this supermarket, you will have a good idea where your common foods are. Stay in the outer perimeters of the store, all the fresh stuff and low carb options are there. :) (Meats, eggs, Dairy, Fresh veggies and nuts) - the only aisle you may need is the spices, to jazz up your meals.
  • Packaged and Low Carb Products - Know how to read the label. Look at the TOTAL CARBS/100g on the Nutritional Panel or check out Our Supermarket Reviews here
  • You may shop at a greengrocer and butcher, which gets rid of a lot of the temptations of packaged food and marketing. But that isn't always an option for us.
  • Those lucky enough to venture out and suss out farmers markets, you will not see much big company branding here, just local produce that you can enjoy and support the little guys :) - dairy, meats and veggies - low carb heaven!
  • You may choose to order your groceries online you avoid the lines, finding parking and there is less temptation. I would still recommend writing out your shopping list.

Our weekly shop is really what sets up our week when it comes to food.

Filling your trolley with the best Low Carb Nutrient Rich foods, means you are not dealing with unhealthy choices in the home.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks food space tips and tricks. Stay tuned for next week for when we look at the WORK environment.

Jo x 🤓

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