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Article: Why I Love Low Carb, by Anna Hopkins

Why I Love Low Carb, by Anna Hopkins - PBCo.

Why I Love Low Carb, by Anna Hopkins

Ever since my teens, I’ve had a love hate relationship with food (I’m sure I’m not the only one). Love being the fact that I love baking and entertaining, and I also love the huge positive benefit the right healthy foods can have on our bodies, minds and overall wellbeing. I believe we are here to enjoy and contribute as much as we can to those around us. The better we feel, the stronger and more confident we are - the more we have to give. Pretty simple. So why then do we all struggle so much? Why does it feel so hard? Why is it so confusing? That’s the part I hate. It’s food. Just one small part of our day, yet somehow it has become one of the most complicated and confusing parts of our lives, and the thing that prevents us from feeling as great as we know we should and being as happy as we know we can. I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

1000 years ago it was not this complicated.

If we had food, we ate whatever we had, and appreciated it. It was most likely meat or a plant or seed we had found. If we didn’t have food we sucked it up and got on with things until we found some food. Today - There are literally 1000 different messages coming at us, as to what’s healthy and what we should eat, There’s good food, bad food, everyday food, sometimes food, red list food, orange list food, green list food, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, primal, raw, organic, fasting, refined sugar free food, 5:2, vegan, keto, vegetarian, GMO free food, fructose free food, clean food, clean treats, pescatarian, activated food, fermented food, superfoods, tonics, detoxes and the list goes on and on. Look around at the alarming and rapidly rising rates of obesity, the saddening rates of mental health and suicide & the scary number of Aussies diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle diseases - Can we really say that our food choices, as a society have not contributed to this? Now I’m no genius - just putting 2 and 2 together but have we actually made things SO COMPLICATED that we’ve simply confused ourselves and are now running around in circles, going crazy, all the while we are getting fatter and sicker and more depressed.

We have too many options.

People are telling us to quit sugar, but then actually only to quit a certain type of sugar, Others are telling us that we need to spend $60 on a jar of bee pollen to sprinkle on top of our paleo granola, to be healthy. This is actually BS. The only people that benefit from us spending $60 on a jar of bee pollen, or fermented turmeric or anything else for that matter are the people that are selling it, or the 3 people living in Bondi that can actually afford to include it in their daily diet. There’s no superfood that will fix this. There’s no tonic or elixir that will make everything ok. I’ve spent basically my entire life searching for answers. I’ve tried a gazillion different diets and “WOE’s” to see what would help me feel my best. Yep I’ve even paid $100 for the Lemon Detox Diet. (Don’t worry you’re not the only one that forked out $100 for cayenne pepper and maple syrup) And this is where Low Carb comes in.

Low Carb is simplicity.

Low Carb means meals based on protein and veggies. Low Carb is economical. Low Carb is enjoyable. Low Carb is easy. Low Carb is simply eating like we should be without all the fuss and hoohaa. Low Carb gets results because as Clean Up Australia Say “When the rubbish is gone, Nature can carry on” When I first stumbled across Low Carb - I felt a sense of relief and a weight off my shoulders. It actually made sense. It was realistic. It wasn’t restrictive. It was encouraging eating real, unprocessed food. It was actually exactly how we used to eat all those thousands of years ago, before we over complicated it. It was a diet full of proteins (meat, fish & poultry) of plant based foods (veggies, nuts and seeds) of some fats (nuts, seeds & oils) and dairy (milk, cheese & yoghurt) It all just made complete sense. And that was before I even started. I downloaded a low carb meal plan (it was from the U.S so there was a lot of converting to do) and got started. I never felt hungry. My energy levels were higher and more consistent than ever before. I dropped a few kg without even trying. My moods stabilised and I felt happier and more peaceful. Am I a nutritionist? Nope. Do I need to be to say that I feel my best eating a diet packed full of protein, veggies, nuts, seeds & some dairy? I’m simply calling BS on all the hype, confusion and industry marketing that is out there - making us believe we need to buy all these super expensive “superfoods” to achieve “Health” I am so certain that this is the answer to this epidemic that we are facing and it’s actually the simplest thing in the world. STOP CONFUSING US and making things harder than they have to be. Stop making us believe that we need all these superfoods and tonics and to be healthy.

And that is why I am so passionate about Low Carb.

I am passionate about Low Carb because it is hands down, the easiest way to feel your best. I have made it my mission in life to make it as easy as possible for everyone to feel their best. You may say “why do you have your own product range then? Aren’t you just trying to sell things as well? The reason I created these products are because we live in a world that craves and demands convenience. We are busy. We are on the go all the time. We want results now. We seem to want to put minimal effort in for maximum results. We don’t want to compromise. We believe we can have it all. And so do I. I created these products to make it EASY for people to live low carb and experience the benefits.

Can you live low carb without my products?

DEFINITELY. Day in and day out, my mission and dream is to make it easy for everyone to feel their best. I share my tips and tricks on low carb living, whether you choose to use my products or not. If you are someone that values convenience, leads a busy lifestyle, wants to enjoy yourself, socialising and entertaining family and friends, and not wanting to miss out - then you may benefit and enjoy my products. Completely up to you :) If you love what you’ve just read, and it resonates with you then welcome to the family :) Anna Xx

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