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5 Recipes you can make with our Protein Cookie Mix that AREN’T Cookies.

At PBCo., we spend plenty of time in the test kitchen to make sure that our low carb mixes are as versatile as they are tasty. From protein bars to bases for tarts and cheesecakes, there’s something for everyone here, and all made with our Protein Cookie Mix!

Cappuccino Cheesecake

How do you like your coffee? In a cheesecake of course! Our Low Carb Cappuccino Cheesecake will add that extra bit of indulgence to your next get together.

cappuccino cheesecake made with protein cookie mix

Low Carb Lemon Tart

This low carb lemon tart is a light and tangy refreshing dessert. A timeless classic made low carb and sugar-free so we don't have to miss out. This is made with our Simply Low Carb Cookie Base Mix.

low carb lemon tart

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

The great thing about this crumble is that it's packed with healthy fats, fibre and protein meaning it actually doubles up as a great brekkie - hot or cold.

apple and rhubarb crumble

Mint Slice

A low carb spin on a classic Aussie biscuit! Our Choc-mint Slice is the perfect sweet treat with under 3g carbs per square!

mint slice

Oaty Protein Bars

Need a filling brekkie on the go? Our Oaty Protein Breakfast Bars are the perfect grab and go meal. Packed full of healthy ingredients and just over 12g protein, these bars will keep you going until your next meal.

protein bars

Let us know which one - or ones - you try with our Protein Cookie Mix and your favourite! We'd love to see your creations on social, so don't forget to tag us over on Instagram and facebook.