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Why did we create a Low Carb Banana Bread?

I love banana bread!! I really do… Toasted with extra butter, it was my go to in another life before I found my passion for health and fitness. Sometimes it would be by itself, other times I would go a little fancy and have it with mascarpone and strawberries on top... the good stuff! It was also one of the first things to go when I started living low carb and became aware of my families strong disposition to diabetes. I really wasn’t interested in becoming another statistic in the diabetics column and when a typical banana bread has between 50% - 60% carbs and sugar combined, I knew that my banana bread days were behind me. That was of course, until now. 💥 Say hello to our new Protein Banana Bread Mix. Ohhh, and did I say, it's got 77% less carbs than traditional banana bread with no added sugar. I can eat it everyday :) So let's jump in and look at the important stuff.

Protein Banana Bread Mix Macros

One pack of Protein Banana Bread Mix will make a jumbo 920 g loaf with 10 fat slices. Yep!! Each slice (92 g) will give you: ✅ 15 g Plant Protein - all from brown rice and lupins, the ultimate natural complete protein source. ✅ 9.8 g Carbs - this is really just from adding super ripe bananas to the mix to give that amazing banana hit. ✅ 0 g Added Sugar - as always, the sugar we add to our mixes is zero, nada, zilch, nothing. ✅ 13.4 g fat - from coconut oil, if you’re wanting to keep it all plant based. This is a macro profile for champions, for those who don’t settle for average in life.

Great Ingredients

As much as possible, we use great locally sourced Australian ingredients. Packed with the goodness of locally grown natural almond meal from Renmark in South Australia and high protein lupin flour from Irwin Valley in Western Australia, we have the perfect low carb base for our Protein Banana Bread Mix. Our premium brown rice protein is the perfect plant based protein to add into the mix along with a good amount of coconut that comes from our friends in the Pacific. And don’t worry about our natural banana flavours. This is our secret blend of natural flavours and spices to give our banana bread that extra kick that we all love. We never use numbers, artificial flavours or anything else that we wouldn’t put in our own bodies! If we won’t eat it, why would we let anyone else eat it either. So once more you can enjoy a slice (or 2) of buttery golden Banana Bread!