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Article: We can't get enough of Almonds both in and out of our bread

We can't get enough of Almonds both in and out of our bread - PBCo.

We can't get enough of Almonds both in and out of our bread

The flavoursome, versatile, tasty AND healthy all-mighty-almond (that is available year round), provides us with Almond Meal. Almond Meal, commonly referred to as Almond flour, is simply natural or unbleached ground almonds. Huh, that simple right! Sitting down with a bag of Almonds and munching away at them unconsciously can be easy, and the best thing about that is they are so good for you! Put down the lolly bag!
Our Almond Meal is sourced right here in Australia and although we most commonly would refer to them as nuts, almonds are technically a seed of the fruit from the almond tree. Their cousins are peaches, apricots and plums too... Fun fact!
Eating Almonds as part of your regular diet aids energy production. The reason for this is because almonds are rich in manganese, riboflavin and copper - which is why a small bag of Almonds is a great choice during the middle of the day, thus so is a slice of our bread! Along with this, almonds can help to regulate blood pressure. High blood pressure can occur when a diet is high in sodium, yet deficient in calcium and potassium. Almonds are the opposite of this, rich in potassium and low in sodium, which is why they are so great. As a high-fat food, who would have thought almonds are were so good for your health? The fats found in Almonds are monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats that are found in olive oil. These fats have been linked to assisting in the reduced risk of heard disease And what about cholesterol? Including almonds in your diet helps raise good cholesterol levels, along with reducing bad cholesterol levels – and just in one handful! Good cholesterol is known as HDL Cholesterol and bad cholesterol is known as LDL Cholesterol. Almonds have been found to have a stabilizing effect on sugar and insulin levels after meals, so are great for offering protection from diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Studies have even shown that an almond rich diet may help you lose weight, along with assisting in lowering the risks of gaining weight.
Tasting ever so good, there's no wonder why they are such a popular 'nut' and why we have created our bread using this ingredient. Now, somebody get me a slice of Protein Bread topped with almond butter and a side of almond seeds.... Too Much?

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