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What is the best way for you to stick to your New Years Resolution?

We all know someone who has already claimed that in the New Year they want to lose weight, be healthier, build a better physique, etc., but actions speak louder than words. Now that we know what our goal is, it’s time to take action! With the New Year approaching quickly you have decided to make a change. Maybe you want to lose weight, tone up, eat healthier or quit smoking, all great resolutions to have. However, many of you may not have thought about how you’re going to achieve your goal and make these changes. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can avoid being one of those people who quit just as quickly as they began. I’ve always hated the term “Resolution”. It’s a word often associated with someone who has fleeting drive/motivation but quickly gives up. A lot of the time people can end up worse off when they started as they regress backwards after quitting. This is not you however, you are dedicated and ready to set some goals and destroy them!! So how will you do this exactly?

How to stick to your new year's resolutions aka (2017 personal development ambitions)

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1. Setting your goal

Setting a goal is the first step in kicking things off. Giving yourself something to reach for will keep things in perspective and help you get motivated. Start by making yourself a list of both short and long-term goals. Set your goals high, in a manner so that you must work towards them, but keep them reasonable. DO NOT set a goal that you know is impossible. You will quickly become discouraged and this may eventually lead to you ending your pursuit of empowering a better you.
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2. Start now

When planning out your strategy in working towards your goal, DO NOT set yourself a start date. If you are truly dedicated to your goal, then you will not procrastinate on getting the journey started. This can often lead to people "binging," so to speak, and may make it harder for you to begin. If you truly want to change, the time is NOW.
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3. Start slowly, but with intention

Being motivated is great, its encouraged actually! Keep in mind though that chasing your goal to hard too soon isn't the best approach. Begin by dieting slowly, in other words, examine your diet and make small conscious changes over time. DO NOT go "cold-turkey" . Again, this is a sure fire way to become discouraged and eventually, regress to a point worse than where you began. Also, DO NOT pick a workout routine that is for the advanced lifter. Chances are you won't have the experience/expertise to properly execute many of the movements and you may end up injuring yourself.
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4. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Going to the gym can become boring if you're doing the same thing day in day out. Look for ways to keep your activities fun! Alternatives to simply going to the gym are a great way to start. For cardio, play basketball, football, or your favourite sport; go for a run outdoors; go hiking, etc. The weekly routine can easily become stale so by changing things up and keeping activities fun, you can stay dedicated and motivated, the two most important keys to physical fitness.
With hard work and determination, your 2017 personal development ambitions can be a reality! Knowledge is power for these type of goals. A smart healthy diet alongside a good routine will put you on track to achieve the body of your dreams. However, this ideal body takes time and cannot be achieved in short time, depending on how YOU view an ideal body to look like. Just remember, it's not rocket science; it's simply a matter of consistency. Good luck!