The Best Low Carb Peanut Butter

Who hasn't got stuck into a jar of Peanut Butter with a spoon?

We LOVE peanut butter so I have put together a list of The Best Low Carb Peanut Butter's for you!!!

What I noticed this time around was how many new brands are out now. Also, the carb variations - 2 organic brands had 21g carbs per 100g - I found out that this could be due to peanut variety, how they are grown and the manufacturing process.

Our criteria - No added sugar or oils ✅

100% Peanuts or with only added salt ✅

Updated January 2020

The Lowest Carb Peanut Butter is...

Wellness Road Australian Peanut Butter


100% Australian Peanuts

Carbs per 100g: 5.2g


  • I found this one in the Health Food aisle in Coles. This is the lowest carb Peanut Butter I've come across.
  • This is part of a Coles Range, learn more about this here.

Purely Nutz Crunchy Chunks


Freshly roasted peanuts (100%)

Carbs per 100g: 7.6g


  • 100% Peanuts - Nothing else. Gotta love that. That being said, those of us who prefer a little salt, may need to add it. I think it depends on how you are using it. :)
  • Unsalted.

Oh So Natural Smooth & Crunchy Peanut Butter


Peanuts (100%)

Carbs per 100g: 9g


  • These are found in Aldi.
  • Unsalted.

Mayver's Smunchy Unsalted.


100% roasted Peanuts

Carbs per 100g: 9g


  • Unsalted
  • Smunchy is a mix of smooth and crunchy.

Treat yourself to some Peanut Butter Brekkie Cookies...

Mayvers Roasted and dark Roasted Range


Roasted peanuts (99.3%), salt.

Carbs per 100g: 13.4g


  • Peanuts and salt.
  • Dark Roasted Crunchy is my FAVE!! 😍

Pics Smooth & Crunchy


Roasted peanuts (99.5%), sea salt.

Carbs per 100g: 14.3g


  • Peanuts and salt. (99.5% Peanuts)
  • A close second place - Crunchy!!!

Nothing beats Peanut Butter on Toast...😍 If you are after some Low Carb, High Protein bread to go with your peanut butter, check out our range of naturally low carb bread mixes...


  • Go for brands with no added sugar or additional vegetable oils, just Peanuts! (salted or unsalted, whatever tickles your fancy!)
  • Suits your budget!
  • When it comes to nut & seed butters/ spread always look for ones that have no hidden nasties, numbers or additional oils or sugars and with under 3g carbs per serve, the lower the better 👍

**Please note information was accurate at the time of collecting. If changes are made to the brand (packaging or nutrition) within our updates, please refer to their website. Changes may occur regarding their availability, please check with your local supermarket for more info.