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All You Need Is Pushups - 6 Magic Properties of Pushups

What do you do if you've hit a wall? If you're in a slump, feeling down, or just like you can't do anything, it's amazing what getting up and doing even just a tiny bit of exercise can do. Next time you feel like you can't be bothered to finish the cleaning or your mind has gone fuzzy, just get down and smash out 10 pushups - it's amazing what it'll do for you! 1) Helps You Feel Connected to Your Body Mind over matter! Your mind is such a powerful motivator, and when that's stuck in a rut it's hard to make your body perform. While your mind tells you that you need to stop, even if you're body is fine to keep going, you will stop. So you just need to remind your brain that you're fine, that you're strong, and that you're able to keep going! 10 pushups aren't much, but that's why it works so well - it's such an achievable number. It makes you aware of your muscles, you're taking a few good, deep breaths and you feel (even if just a tiny bit) stronger! 2) Breath out old air As mentioned, it will get you to take some deeper breaths - which at the same time means you are breathing out any old and stale air. This always makes me feel fresh, alive and invigorated. In fact, check out this article on deep breathing and how it can help you relax. 3) Boosts Your Energy Doing 10 pushups has the same theory behind it as interval training or HIIT - this short burst of high intensity work out gets all the body's systems happening, kick starts your metabolism again, gets blood to the brain, gets fresh oxygen in your lungs and wakes you up!! 4) No Tuck shop Arms Every bit counts - doing just 10 pushups a day gets you way ahead of the curve, keep those arms strong and toned. Obviously, just 10 pushups aren’t going to turn you into a bodybuilder, but it all helps right? 5) It's Better than ZERO Pushups Self-explanatory. Doing something is better than doing nothing. 6) You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised at Your Quick Improvement! In literally 1 week, you will feel yourself get stronger, more toned and able to do even more, and 10 pushups won't be enough. This shows progress and achievement, which will continue to motivate you. I have learnt its all about momentum. 10 pushups today, next week 11. You are still moving forward, creating momentum and improving yourself. As they say, if you’re not moving forward you are going backwards!