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Article: 7 Benefits of the Keto Diet

7 Benefits of the Keto Diet - PBCo.

7 Benefits of the Keto Diet

When considering a diet or change in lifestyle, it’s important to consider the benefits and pitfalls. If the diet isn’t going to benefit you – what’s the point? But also, if the side effects are unmanageable, you may want to think twice. Keto diets are more popular than ever with a high number of athletes switching to this way of eating/living. The Keto diet/way of living consists of eating foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. When on a Keto diet, the body adapts from using carbs to using fats to burn energy. Here we look at the benefits of the Keto diet, and why is might be for you. Don’t forget to read about the side effects too – we couldn’t not have a balanced argument, could we!

1 – Improved body composition

Of course, one of the main reasons that people move to any diet is to improve their body shape and composition. The Keto diet has been proven to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass, essentially making someone look leaner. When paired with strength training and lifting, the body composition can improve most notably.

2 – Increased energy levels

When you eat lots of carbs throughout the day, your blood sugar levels go up and down. On the Keto diet, your energy levels are more likely to be consistent throughout the day as you’re not getting the spikes in blood sugar. The endless supply of energy from the high fats are likely to keep you feeling energised and will stop those spikes. It is important to point out though that when starting out on a Keto diet, your energy levels may be lower due to fatigue from the shock to your body of eating less carbs.

3 – Can reduce bad skin

Eating a Keto diet has been proven to help reduce acne and bad skin. As the Keto diet cuts out carbs and processed foods which can impact on gut health, many notice an improvement to their skin on this diet.

4 – Reduces cholesterol

Studies have found that the Keto diet can help reduce cholesterol and can help to make your heart healthier. Good cholesterol levels have been found to be increased on the Keto diet, with bad cholesterol being reduced.

5 – Reduces blood pressure

Low carb diets like the Keto Diet have been proven to reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that eating less carbs can have a significant impact on reducing this.

6 – Reduced fat molecules in the body

Fat molecules, also known as triglycerides tend to reduce dramatically when on the Keto Diet. Increased fat molecules are often driven by carbohydrate consumption and fructose (sugar). When people cut carbs, their fat molecules dramatically reduce. On the contrary, when people cut fats in their diet, fat molecules can actually increase. This isn’t a problem on the Keto diet which is high in fats.

7 – Reduced chance of heart disease

Visceral fat is fat under the skin in the abdominal cavity which lodges itself around the organs and can be harmful. Low carb diets help to reduce visceral fat, especially that around the abdominal cavity. In the long term, having less fat in this area can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and also type 2 diabetes. There are many benefits of turning to a Keto Diet, but it is important to remember that this type of diet should be considered as a long term lifestyle change and not a fad diet. The Keto diet is praised by many for its results in fat reduction and can also help with many other health improvements. Header image sourced here

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