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Article: 6 Ways to Love Your Monday

6 Ways to Love Your Monday - PBCo.

6 Ways to Love Your Monday

Mondays - dreaded by workers everywhere and the ruiner of many good weekends. But you can love your Monday just as much as your Saturdays (... maybe not quite as much, but you definitely close the gap) by getting on board with some of the following.

1) Start Your Monday on Sunday

Feel ready for the week ahead and finish your Sunday by preparing for your Monday. Get your lunch for tomorrow ready, pick out what you're wearing and work out what the rest of the week holds. This helps you to clear your head and takes out any nasty surprises (like forgetting about the big meeting you have at 10am Monday morning).

2) Schedule in a Favourite

Are you a coffee fanatic? Or do you love a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon? Or maybe going for a nice long run? Planning something you love for a Monday morning will help you jump out of bed and get you on your way. Or, you could plan something fun for Monday night. Go out to your favourite restaurant, rent a movie or get a drink with friends (although don't over do it! You'll be paying for it the rest of the week). Having something to look forward to is always beneficial.

3) Have a Good, Energy Packed Breaky

There's nothing worse than having a bad breakfast (or no breakfast) and feeling hungry again at 9.00am before you've even done anything with your day. Have a breakfast full of protein to keep you feeling full until lunch time. One of our favourite monday morning breaky is...

4) Change Your Mindset

A change of attitude can do you wonders - it can turn a bad day into a good one, and can make your Monday feel like a Friday. Instead of going to bed annoyed that you have to work tomorrow, try and change your mindset to something more positive - focusing on that favourite you've got scheduled or that task at work that you actually really enjoy.

5) Don't Check Facebook or Emails

Leave this for a bit - don't check your phone first thing. It's so much more refreshing to do some exercise or get that coffee and properly wake up before worrying yourself with work issues or other people's stresses. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your morning before being sucked into the technology that so often overwhelms our lives.

6) Be Grateful

Think about all that you can be grateful for - a warm bed, a roof over your head, a great cup of coffee... Whatever it might be we all have plenty to be grateful for and meditating on these things can be so beneficial to bring us out of the Monday blues and help us start the week well.
And the biggest tip I have for you? Find a job that you love! We all have stressful or hard periods of time in our jobs - but if you're consistently unhappy in your job get out and find something that you can LOVE.

Do you have any tips for a good start to the week? What do you love doing on Mondays? Let me know- comment below!

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