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Low Carb Vanilla Berry Protein Pudding

This Low Carb Vanilla Berry Protein Pudding is a super easy recipe to pop together, if you are feeling like a sweet treat, without the carb load.

4 serves

1 sachet of Vanilla Berry diet jelly 1 scoop (30g) Vanilla Protein Powder 1/2 teasp Vanilla extract 100mls boiled water 1 cup (250g) Greek yogurt --Toppings Mixed berries Sugar free Maple syrup

Combine jelly crystals and boiling hot water into heatproof bowl and whisk until jelly has dissolved. Mix the yogurt, protein powder and vanilla extract together in seperate bowl until combined well Add the jelly mix slowly to the yoghurt mixtures, continuously stirring as you go. Combine until there are no lumps. Pour mixture into six ramekins/cups/jar or silicon moulds and leave in fridge to set overnight. To serve simply eat out of ramekins or dip the bottom of each ramekin into hot water to loosen panna cotta, before turning out on plates to serve. Add your favourite toppings, mixed berries and sugar free maple.