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| Joanne Salerno

Low Carb Chicken Schnitzel

This amazing recipe creates a versatile, low carb schnitzel coating for anything you like to crumb before cooking at home. Whether it’s chicken, lamb cutlets, or even vegetables. Low carb, high protein & sugar free – perfect alternative to normal bread crumbs. This recipe was sent in by a Protein Bread Lover, if you have any awesome recipes using our products please send them through to us :)

2 Slices of Protein Bread 1 Tbs of Parmesan cheese 1 Tbs almond meal Couple of thyme leaves Coconut flour ( to prepare the time for coating) Eggs ( to prepare the item for coating) -- Equipment Food processor 3 bowls : 1 for flour, 1 for egg, 1 for coating/crumb mixture An Oven

Blitz 2 slices of dried out Protein Bread in the food processor Add almond meal, parmesan and thyme leaves to food processor and combine ingredients. Prepare the coconut flour in 1 bowl, the eggs in another, and the coating in the last bowl. Coat the ‘Chicken, Lamb, Vegetables’ (Whatever you prefer) in the coconut flour, then egg, then coating mixture. Bake or shallow fry until cooked to your desire! Enjoy!