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Low Carb Pikelets

Pikelets make a great snack, especially when they're made from our Low Carb Pancake Mix. Enjoy your Low Carb Pikelets with a spoonful of homemade and low carb jam and you've got yourself the perfect morning tea. 💜


1/2 cup (60g) Low Carb Pancake Mix 1 egg 60 mL milk of your choice (1/4 cup) Serve with whipped cream and Sugar Free Berry Jam

Mix all the ingredients together, making sure there are no lumps. This mix will be slightly thicker. Heat a frying pan over medium heat – when the pan starts to smoke turn it down (this helps them to stop sticking) Pour in the pikelet mixture, making each one about 5cm in diameter. Flip when bubbles start appearing on the surface and cook for a further minute or until nice and golden. Enjoy with our Berry Chia Jam, some cream and a good cup of tea!

Nutrition does not include cream or chia jam.